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“I feel so lucky to have come across Andrea Hawkes Bridal – the dress was just as I had dreamed it, but better. I had so many compliments on the day, and for weeks after, my favourite comment being ”the best dress I have seen all year, including Pinterest!”. More than the dress, the studio has such a relaxing atmosphere and the team are absolutely lovely, a calming influence on my bridal madness!”

September 2016


“After a few unsuccessful attempts at wedding dress shopping in boutiques (and being floored by the price for some of the dresses given the quality), a good friend told me to meet up with Andrea. I was instantly impressed at how much care and attention she gave to me – if you go to the boutiques/shops, you deal with sales people who just want to make a quick buck – but Andrea took the time to go through my ideas and inspiration, and was so down-to-earth and easy to work with. Her work is immaculate and she sources the best quality materials, and I couldn’t have been happier with the end result. It’s worth every penny paying for a quality, bespoke piece versus off-the-rack.”

June 2016



“Thank you so so much for my beautiful dress. I had so many compliments on its cut and how delicate it was, and I felt amazing in it. My veil also received a lot of admirers and looked incredible in church.”

September 2016


“Working with Andrea on my dream wedding dress was a truly amazing experience. From starting out with very few ideas and no real enthusiasm, Andrea gave me so much inspiration and had so many good ideas that suddenly it was difficult to make up my mind. Andrea guided me through every part of the process, giving honest and professional advice, which I really appreciated and which made it such an enjoyable experience for me. She is extremely talented, and has a fantastic team working with her. In the end my dress looked stunning, and it was really “me”. I would recommend her to all my friends and family, and to anyone looking for a designer who truly cares about her customers and who respects the importance the wedding dress has for each and every bride.

Thank you Andrea & Colleagues for all your help, advice and dedication – I couldn’t have asked for a better team to create my wedding dress!”

June 2016

(Photographer credit: Claire Graham )


“Andrea and the whole team are fantastic. Having tried on many wedding dresses I popped into Andrea Hawkes on a whim and spoke to her about the dress I had in mind. We worked on the design together and she sourced me the most incredible fabric. The whole process was professional and enjoyable and I could not have been more delighted with my dress at the end. It was stunning- and so fun to wear on my wedding day. We made it specifically so I could wear it again and I can’t wait to!”

June 2016 


“I first met Andrea at the beginning of my search for a dress at a bridal fair in islington. She immediately stood out to me as being different to the other bridal designers that I’d seen. Her designs are so modern and everything she produces has so much style and beauty. 

My husband and I are both designers and I have a particular interest in fashion, therefore the dress was extremely important to both of us. 

At the beginning I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for. However, after searching through lots of bridal websites I soon I realised i wanted a very simple elegant outfit but with an unusual edge, which was leading me to something quite bespoke. Andrea’s ‘Audrey’ dress was the closest thing out there to it, so we used this as a base and set to work.

I’m sure I was quite a challenging client a times, but Andrea and her team were so patient and accommodating. They got to know me and really tried to tailor everything to how they thought i would like it, but at the same time making sure it would look good and work well!  We certainly went on a journey together and developed a great relationship, which resulted in the end product being even more amazing than I could have ever imagined! 

I cant express how happy I was with my dress. It was perfect and I couldn’t recommend Andrea and her team more. They were all amazing from the beginning to the end.    

Thank you so so much!”

September 2015

(Photographer credit: Mark Wallis)


“I enjoyed every moment of working with Andrea Hawkes Bridal – the team made me feel welcome from the first time I tried on one of their gorgeous designs.

I felt so special throughout the whole experience – my thoughts were listened to and the personalised tweaks to the design were so appreciated. The teams infinite wisdom and advice were grateful received and the result was a dress that I felt was truly unique and special. I have been recommending Andrea Hawkes to anyone who’ll listen, whether they have a wedding to plan or not. Such a considered and talented group of people – I couldn’t have asked for more.”

November 2015


“After hours spent online and trailing through numerous boutiques, finding Andrea’s studio was like a breath of fresh air. I could tell from just looking at her studio interior, this would be the place.

The atmosphere in the studio is very relaxed, which is testament to the friendly and efficient team Andrea has assembled. I commissioned Andrea to create a bespoke dress, and with several references, we got to work. I loved every minute of the design process, from choosing the lace, the toile corset to the veil. And it was all delivered with passion and professionalism.

The end result was spectacular, the lace was so beautiful and it hugged in all the right places. I danced until 4:30am, and it performed perfectly.

I would encourage any bride to meet Andrea, in addition to her genuine warmth and welcome, her talent for clean lines and quality fabric selection is clear, it’s an experience I will never forget.”

September 2015


“THANK YOU! My dress was amazing! I felt so comfortable and beautiful in it. Everyone all evening came up to feel the fabric and look at pockets and to say they wish they had found a dress like it for their wedding.

I wish I could wear it every single day. Thank you so much.”

September 2015


“I knew I wanted to go and see Andrea as soon as I got engaged. I had helped one of my closest friends with her dress hunt and mentally earmarked Andrea’s website after seeing the ‘Cecilia’ dress.

Being nearly six feet tall and into weight-lifting, I am bigger than the average bear. I had a bit of drama with another bridal designer who simply told me I could come and look at the dresses but there wouldn’t be anything for me to try on. You can imagine my relief when I received an email from Andrea telling me she had all sorts of sizes and we would make it work.

My mother came down to London from Yorkshire and we went to Andrea’s studio for a chat. She just got it. I tried a few things on but we ended up throwing ideas around, pinning toiles about my person and showing me beautiful fabrics that would make my dream dress. I confessed my love for the Cecilia dress but knew the current design wouldn’t suit me. Andrea got to work on creating a Cecilia just for me: a corset base covered in stunning ‘sea pearl’ silk and French lace over the top to create a train. It. Was. Amazing.

My husband and I are the kind of people who are in or out. We got engaged in scruffy shorts and t-shirt on the Rufiji River in Selous, Tanzania. If there would have been someone to do the deed I think we would have got married in that rickety old boat. However, being from Northumberland Joe wanted to get married in Bamburgh Castle. It was go hard or go home. A magnificent castle on one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK? Who was I to refuse?!
My beautiful dress fit in to the surroundings so well. The fit and technical elements were so modern but the overall feel was almost medieval, which was exactly what I wanted.

I did initially worry about getting carried away and then wearing something that wasn’t ‘me’. I know as soon as I met Andrea that wouldn’t happen. I looked the very best version of myself on my wedding day and I can honestly say that I have never felt so confident.
Thank you to Andrea, Camilla, Dan and all the team for looking after me. Thank you for the laughs, the cups of tea and making me feel a million dollars. You are all wizards and I am forever grateful.”

October 2015


“You gave me the outfit, which give me the confidence to walk down the aisle like I owned it! And I did own it!

I had no idea just how much fun I would have on our special day, made all the more perfect because I was wearing exactly what I wanted to wear, looking and feeling exactly how I wanted to look and feel. You are all ridiculously talented; thank you!”

October 2015


“I walked past Andrea’s pop up store by chance in Stoke Newington, after I had visited several bridal shops and was feeling incredibly disappointed by the whole process. What the others lacked, customer service, attention to detail, personalisation, Andrea had in abundance and I am so grateful I walked past that Sunday afternoon.

Having a dress made with Andrea is an entirely unique experience. Andrea gets to know you and takes the time to truly understand what you love. She goes above and beyond to ensure that you leave with your perfect dress; the whole experience is an utter joy.

Andrea’s dresses are simple but totally stunning; each one is completely unique and created with a genuine love of design and quality fabrics. I had an idea of what I wanted but felt overwhelmed by all the choices. Yet Andrea worked closely with me, taking time to find out what I loved about individual dresses across her entire collection. It was because of this effort that she was able to design a bespoke dress for me that was more than I could have ever hoped for.

Andrea and the remarkable team were wonderful to work with, putting up with my last minute wedding anxieties with ease and laughter. I was genuinely dreading the whole wedding dress experience, but I ended up loving every minute of it. I never thought I would miss having dress fittings but I do; I think about my dress every day and how lucky I was to wear it and that’s how every bride should feel.”

July 2015


“I was at my wits end: I had tried on dozens of wedding dresses in wedding dress shops, I had tried evening dresses, I had spent hours online and carting things back to the postoffice, but I felt completely out of kilter with what was available. I happened upon Andrea’s boutique and took a peek at her range of beautiful but contemporary dresses – and suddenly the wedding dress project was exciting again! Andrea instantly impressed me with her enthusiasm for beautiful fabrics and beautiful lines, and what’s more she seemed to understand my style (even if I didn’t!). Andrea and her team were fantastic and their enthusiasm, patience and attention to detail made the design and fitting process enjoyable and unpressured. Andrea designed a dress that was exactly what I was after: elegant but also modern and fun and ‘me’; the fabric was divine and the fit perfect. I felt absolutely wonderful on the day and I just wish I could wear it again and again!”

July 2015


“Andrea and her team were incredible. They not only took on the creation of my wedding dress with only 8 weeks to go until the wedding but they also dealt with the ever changing shape of my 5 month pregnant belly. As a woman who is not keen on dress shopping they put me at ease at every stage of the process and were totally accommodating to my needs. The resulting dress was beautiful and an absolute joy to wear. It fitted like a glove despite my belly expanding right up until the big day. I felt very special in my dress but also myself and I think that this is a very hard balance to achieve. I cannot recommend Andrea enough, she is friendly and professional and her dresses are exquisite.”

July 2015


“Exactly a year to the day from when I met Andrea at a very quirky and “Very Unusual Wedding Fair” I picked up my dress. Tucked away in the corner with the most beautiful dresses Andrea had essentially designed my dream dress without me telling her a thing! This was the very first time I had looked at any dresses, so I diligently went away and did the ‘right thing’ with my Mum and looked around many a dress shop, however none of the others came close. Too blingy, too poofy, too short in the bodice…. I felt like Goldilocks trying porridge and none of them were just right. So all it took was an email to Andrea, a meeting with her less than 24 hours later and that was settled. I chose my dress without showing anyone – I just knew it was perfect! I am 6 foot 2 and as you can imagine getting anything to fit properly is a nightmare. However, Andrea was amazing. Every fitting was a delight and it was never about me being too tall, it was always about making the dress perfect for me. If you are reading this and sitting there with a question, just ask! Andrea is one of the most amazing, caring, talented and passionate women I have ever met and she will make the journey to your wedding day and to your prefect dress one of the most enjoyable parts about planning your day. Thankyou Andrea for everything, and to your team; you all made our wedding day perfect!”

April 2015


“It was a pleasure to have Andrea make my dress. After every fitting I loved it more and more – it was all I wanted from my dress. Andrea has a great taste she makes simple tasteful dresses, yet accomodates all the needs of somewhat fussy brides [me]!”

September 2014


“My wedding dress was absolutely perfect and this was all down to you, I honestly can not thank you enough.

I turned up at your studio for the first time with a picture of a dress which I thought was the perfect wedding dress for me. After spending only a short time with you, you made me realise and see things about my dress and about myself that I didn’t even know. You made me try on one of the dresses from your collection which you knew would suit me, and you were not wrong, this shows you had been thinking about my dress and my big day before I had even arrived at your studio which is a very touching thought.

After a few adaptions and additions, I then knew, with your help, I had found the perfect wedding dress for me. The photo I arrived with went straight into the bin, but not once did you make me feel as though I had made the a bad choice or was wrong in any way with my first photo. I left your studio that afternoon in awe of your professionalism, your knowledge, your attention to detail but most of all, your passion.

If I had a query or a new idea, a reply full of help was never more than an email away.

The whole experience was so special to me and you made it feel so personal and unique, planning a wedding and dress fittings can be nerve wracking times, but you made me feel at ease through every moment. I really did enjoy every fitting and every chat that we had, about my dress, about my big day and just getting to know each other better.

I had so many compliments at the wedding about my dress, everyone loved it and said it was just so ‘me’ and I felt amazing in it. You were described as an artist, truly talented by my family and friends and I could not agree more. I will never forget all the hard work you put into making my dress.

I can not recommend you and your dresses more – you will make every bride to be feel like their dress is being made by their oldest and best friend.”

November 2014


“Thanks so much for making the most special dress for me. I was tremendously happy with the results. We both had a wonderful day and every time I think about it I can’t stop smiling. Thanks for being such a special part of it.”

September 2014


“I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful wedding dress you have created for me!

You took my vision and made it into the perfect dress, fit not only for my wedding but the Oscars as well!

I have loved every moment of the whole experience and will treasure the memories. We have laughed, cried, touched to much, shared apps and formed a true friendship – just amazing!”


July 2014


“Thank you for helping me create my dream dress from imperfect beginnings. I couldn’t bear to take it off even after having hours of 90 degrees heat…

I hope all is going well and I’ll look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations!”


June 2014


“I looked everywhere for the ‘perfect’ wedding dress for our city wedding. I knew exactly what I wanted but couldn’t find it anywhere for my budget. I have narrow hips and a big bust and anything I liked just didn’t fit. I realised if I wanted to get the perfect dress I would have to have it made for me.

Andrea was a godsend; she listened to exactly what I imagined my dress to be like. I had only though about the style of the dress and I had not considered fabrics at all. Andrea has a passion for textiles so she guided and advised me accordingly.

The fittings were fun, more like girly evenings in. Andrea was very flexible with appointments and fitted me in on evenings and weekends, which suited me well as I work full time. I found Andrea very easy to talk to so I felt I could be honest with her if I had any queries. She worked hard to ensure that I was 100% happy with my dress.

I love my dress, I felt fantastic wearing it on my wedding day. Andrea fulfilled the brief and more!”


September 2013


“I am a 6ft tall working mum with a demanding job in television and 2 small children with four months to plan a wedding in Portugal.  I gave myself a day to shop for a dress – no luck, what a surprise! Then, literally hours online trying to find something that was elegant, dare I say “age-appropriate” and fitting for the venue and the heat. Still nothing. When a friend recommended Andrea it was like she was sent from the gods. From the outset she was calm, attentive and professional.

I felt like she understood what I was after instantly. She has a wonderful eye and sense of design but it’s her love of fabrics that made our wedding dress journey so special. She sourced the most exquisite silk and georgette for my dress, we were both so excited at how perfect it was. She worked with the fabric to make a dress that made me feel like I was floating on air. The fitting process was stress-free and she was very understanding about the need to hide my various lumps and bumps.

Andrea couldn’t have been more accommodating of my hectic life, making time to see me out of hours. Nothing was too much trouble. She adjusted and re-adjusted until the dress was perfect.

Andrea really wanted me to love my dress – that was her ultimate goal and she achieved it. I felt I wore something that was unique, deeply beautiful, romantic and representative of me. I received so many compliments on the day but best of all, I felt amazing. I can’t recommend Andrea more highly.”

May 2013