Sheer Sleeved Wedding Dresses


We love creating a beautiful textural contrast with our silks and often use a sheer silk chiffon, Georgette or organza alongside our solid silk fabrics. A sheer sleeve is a great way to add coverage without it feeling too heavy, perfect for any bride looking for delicate long sleeves or a light veiling over the skin.

A Sheer Long Sleeve Wedding Dress for any time of year


No matter your wedding month a sleeve is always an option for our brides. If you are getting married in a warmer month or location but love the idea of a sleeve a sheer silk option will be the perfect choice. By using a breathable sheer silk fabric this allows for a lighter coverage over the arms. Our Clarice Dress from our Soho collection is a beautiful example, a two layered design that has a feminine and ethereal feel.

Our Pearl dress from Elements Collection has a bloused silk chiffon sleeve with modern cuff detailing. This design combines classic shaping with contemporary details creating a lovely balance for our brides.

If you are looking for a more structured sheer sleeve wedding dress our Clement design would be a great choice. With in built structure and boning this dress shapes the waist perfectly whilst the sheer sleeves and back detail offer an interesting textural contrast.


Sheer Bridal Tops for a transitional look


We have a lovely selection of sheer bridal tops that can be worn over our simple silk wedding dresses. Our Lane top from Elements Collection is quite the statement, with structured full sleeves this design adds a little bit of drama and playfulness to our silk dresses. For a more understated look we love our Dew organza wrap top from our Woodland Collection. The perfect cover-up that allows your dress to shine through.

“A sheer sleeve is a really elegant way to create a veiling over the skin. The beauty of sheer silks is that they are versatile meaning we can create different shaped sleeves, from slim through to bloused and structured”

Watch our Elements Collection video below, we incorperated sheer silk sleeves throughout a number of designs in this collection. Including Coral, Pearl and Clement.

Sheer sleeved wedding dresses out of Islington, London

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