Behind the Scenes: Woodland

Styling our dresses and accessories in new ways has always been a huge part of how we work with our brides when creating their look. We love to portray and express this through editorial style shoots, as we have done in the past with our shoots such as New York and London.

These opportunities to style pieces, introduce new designs and accessories inspires so many of our brides and can give an entirely fresh new visual for our collection designs. These shoots give me and the AH team great creative freedom to showcase existing and new designs in less traditional locations, styling pieces together and creating new dresses outside of our main wedding dress collections.

Covid has had a huge impact on the way brides are planning their wedding day and changing their wedding dress look. This alongside a rise in outdoor and alternative venues inspired us to shoot in a remote woodland.


We have had this particular woodland in mind for a shoot for a long time. It is near my home in Bedfordshire and has always stood out as an amazing location for a shoot. Owned and managed predominately by Shuttleworth and The Landmark Trust the woodland is set in the idyllic village of Old Warden.

Within the woodland lies Queen Anne’s Summerhouse; dating back to 1712. The building was fully restored in 2008 and now offers a unique place to stay in the heart of the woodland. It’s location, history and prominence within the woodland makes it a very unique and special building, that adds to the charm and feel of the wood. The perfect place for an off grid 48 hours!



Working with a wonderful team, Sophie Anneliese photographer (who we worked with previously on our evening wear shoot) and model Nadia Tafesse, both such talented women..

I styled some of the new dresses from Elements, the latest bridal wear collection with new veil designs and sheer tops, alongside new dress Talia. The focus was on some of our latest modern contemporary designs, with clean lines, which would create a strong visual with the dense woodland backdrop.

Thankfully the weather was on our side, gifting us a beautiful autumnal morning, with the sun breaking through the clouds to create pockets of light amongst the dense wood. Creating a contrast of off white wedding dresses against the thick green fern on the woodland floor.

The finished images showcase our new designs beautifully, whilst creating inspiration for outdoor weddings and natural landscape backdrops.

Visit Woodland in our Editorial section to view the finished images.

I hope this inspires our future brides-to-be dress and wedding style..

A x





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