How to Measure Yourself When Buying a Wedding Dress Online

We understand that buying a wedding dress Online raises lots of questions regarding sizing so we wanted to answer all of those in this blog post to help any bride who wishes to purchase a beautiful AH design via our Online Shop.

We have a curated selection of AH collection pieces available to purchase in any standard UK size through our Online Shop. All pieces are made by our own team in our London Studio from natural silks and French lace.

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What is a standard size wedding dress?

A standard size means any UK dress size, whether that be a size 8 or a size 20. It simply means your dress will be made to a size rather than to your exact body measurements (which we call made to measure). As many of us know sizing can vary from store to store and brand to brand so it is important that you take measurements of your body so we can help you choose the correct size for your dress. All standard size dress are likely to need some alterations such as a small lift at the shoulder or the hem. We always recommend to factor this into your budget when purchasing a standard size collection piece.

What happens if I am a size 10 on top and a size 14 on bottom?

A lot of brides will fall into two size options or between sizes. As a general rule we suggest to purchase the size that fits the largest part of your body. If you sit between two sizes we suggest you order the bigger size. The reason for this is that dresses can be altered down to fit easily but if your dress is too small there is not a lot that can be done to increase the size. It is always better to have more fabric to work with than not enough.

We would always suggest to talk to us prior to purchasing your dress if you are unsure on sizing. It can also depend on the shape of the dress so it is best to seek our advice with your measurements first.

I plan to lose weight before my wedding and do not know what size to order, what would you suggest?

Dependant on timeframe we would suggest to order your dress to the size you are now and have your dress fitted to your body closer to your wedding date. Ordering a dress 1 or two sizes down may feel like a good incentive but if you do not reach that size you will have a dress that does not fit and may not be able to be made bigger. If this is a concern of yours please let us know and we would be more than happy to assess your individual circumstances and provide you with some personal advice.

What measurements do I need to take?

For a standard size dresses we only need 4 measurements from you, keeping things nice and simple! To determine your standard size we require a bust, waist, hip and waist to floor measurement. The waist to floor measurement is needed to make sure our standard length is long enough for you. On this measurement chart you will be taking measurements 1, 3, 13 and 11.

How do I measure myself?

Here is a step by step guide on how to measure yourself at home. You will need a soft tailoring measuring tape like this one.

It is ideal to measure yourself in the underwear you plan to wear with your wedding dress or something similar. If you do not have these you can measure yourself in a well fitting non-padded t-shirt bra and knickers.

We advise that you have someone with you to help take the measurements as it can be tricky to do yourself and you may get incorrect measurements.

Stand up straight and relax your body, drop your shoulders and stand normally. Try not to hold in your stomach and relax as you normally would. Our instinct is to stand a little unnaturally when having measurements taken so just check in with your posture to make sure it feels right.

Bust Measurement: If you have someone to help you ask them to place the tape measure around the fullest part of your bust. The tape measure should be held gently on the body and not pulled tight. You should be able to place a finger under the tape measure easily. Take a note of all measurements as you go, it is best to use cm to work with our size chart.

Waist Measurement: Now move the tape measure to the smallest part of your waist. Again place it lightly around the body and do not pull too tight. Remember to stay relaxed.

Hip Measurement: This measurement should be taken at the widest part of your hips. To find this point it can be helpful to look into a full length mirror and you will be able to determine the best place to take this measurement. It is generally around the mid bottom.

Waist to Floor Measurement: Measure from the smallest part of your waist to the floor down the side of the body.

Heel Height: Now that we have your waist to floor measurements it is helpful for us to know the heel height you will wear on your wedding day so make a little note of this too.


What do I do once I have taken my measurements?

Now that you have taken your standard size measurements you can either use our Online Size Chart (Below) to work out your sizing yourself or you can contact our team to help you make the right choice. If you have any uncertainty please do get in touch, it is better to check sizing with us before purchasing.

Andrea Hawkes Size Chart


Once your sizing is all confirmed you can then order your dress! If you are based in London or are able to visit us we do offer an in house alterations service for our standard size dresses. You can contact our team to find our more about pricing and how to book in for fittings.

Our team are here to help continue your dress journey with us so if you have any questions after receiving your dress we would be more than happy to help.





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