Louisa Lytton and Ben Bhanvra’s Wedding Day

We are so excited to share the wedding of Louisa Lytton and Ben Bhanvra! Our team at AH had the pleasure of creating two stunning looks for gorgeous Louisa to wear across their very special wedding events. Louisa wore our silk satin Bias cut Wren dress for their legal ceremony and on the evening of their Wedding Day in Tuscany. For the night before the wedding, Louisa celebrated in our Olsen jumpsuit, the perfect design for a fun evening pre-wedding!

We spoke to Louisa to find out more about their day and her experience of having a fully made to measure dress made by the AH team in our London Studio

Hi Louisa, it’s been an absolute pleasure working with you to create your made to measure wedding dress & jumpsuit! A huge congrats you and Ben. We’d love to hear more about your legal ceremony and wedding day…. 

My legal wedding was in our local church in Bush Hill Park, out wedding ceremony was in Siena, Italy

What did you love most about your day? 

Having everyone together in the same place, the love was indescribable. We were elated

When did you change into your AH dress?

In the evening, just before we cut the cake so I was ready to dance as soon as the band started (I couldn’t wait)

Image by Tyler Fayose Photography

You had a fab party the night before the wedding, how did you celebrate with your family and friends? Did everyone love your jumpsuit? You looked amazing!!

The night before was so special, it was so exciting and so lovely to get to spend time with people as they arrived and thank them for coming all that way. We spent most of the evening talking separately to friends and family so it made seeing him on the day extra special. Everyone loved the jumpsuit, many people said is this is the night before outfit we cant wait to see you on the day! I felt really confident and comfortable but also chic and very much like the ‘bride’ in the room.

It’s so wonderful that you were able to enjoy wearing our designs across your celebrations, from your legal ceremony to your night before party and the evening of your wedding day! How did you know which designs to choose for each part of the day?

I was very much guided by the feeling I had when I first tried the items on In the showroom, the jumpsuit felt very elegant but also fun and I knew I would be comfortable running from a to b and also tending to our baby too which I knew would be the case. I wanted to feel special but also that I could relax. The evening dress I knew as soon as I tried on I had to wear. My wedding day dress was very different, it was a princess dress and after having a baby I explained to the ladies at AH that it was important for me to feel sexy and confident. So we opted for a very low back and the dreamiest of materials, I could dance the night away and feel like a woman. 

Both of your AH outfits were fully made to measure, what did you enjoy most about this process?

Just knowing that there was no pressure to ‘fit into the dress’ and also that there were things I could alter ever so slightly to compliment my body shape more. Having a dress or outfit made for your body is very special.

Had you ever had a toile fitting before? We’d love to hear more about your experience of having a toile fitting with our team.

No I hadn’t, and honestly the toile alone was so gorgeous I would have been happy with that being the final item 🙂 It was fun to see what it would look like in advance and have the chance to alter if need be. It was very reassuring to know it was going to work from the start.

Both of your beautiful outfits were made using natural silk fabrics which we knew would be lovely in the Italy heat, is this something that was important to you?  

Very much so, I didn’t sweat at all (and it was 40 degrees) 

What are your favourite details on your two designs?

The jumpsuit was the fact that it fitted so perfectly, I loved the panelling in the back, it was such a tiny detail but the sheer material gave it something different. The dress was the low back, It felt sexy without being too much. It was so classy, yet subtle I felt a million dollars.

It was so special welcoming you to our Islington Showroom for your fittings, what was your favourite part of coming to our studio?

It was very private, being in there alone and knowing that you had all the time you needed was important. I was also to have my mum and daughter present so it was our own special experience that I will never forget.

What one piece of advise would you give a bride-to-be? 

Don’t sweat the small stuff, think of what you remember from loved ones weddings, those are the things that are most important to you. Or you wouldn’t remember them . .

Your honeymoon looked so beautiful, did you, Ben and Aura have a lovely time? 

Yes thank you, it was a ‘honeymoon’ as such as travelling with a then 10 month old was hectic! But we will never forget that time we had the three of us. Such a wonderful life experience for us all. 

Now that you have two beautiful made to measure outfits, will you consider wearing them again? We would love to help you alter them so that you can repurpose your looks and enjoy wearing them on special occasions!

ABSOLUTELY, I think I will wear the jumpsuit for our daughters christening, the dress I may take the train off of so I can wear to another occasion. Or for our one year anniversary!

Find out more about our Post Wedding Alteration service

Louisa Lytton and Ben Bhanvra’s Legal Wedding Day

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple!

Images by Tyler Fayose Photography




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