What To Do With Your Wedding Dress After Your Big Day

4 Ideas For Repurposing Your Wedding Dress

Whether you’re in the middle of wedding planning or have recently wed and are wondering what to do with your treasured Andrea Hawkes wedding dresswe’ve got some fantastic tips. With some simple alterations, there’s a range of new style possibilities, including a stunning new cocktail dress or stylish separates. Your dress won’t sit there gathering dust, and you’ll feel fabulous in a gorgeous new look. Get ready to introduce a new staple into your wardrobe! 

Why re-wear your wedding dress?

Altering and repurposing your wedding dress doesn’t have to be limited to special occasions. And there’s an infinite amount of benefits to be had – including saving money, improving your carbon footprint and making the most of the sentimental value. Most traditional brides keep their wedding dress in a storage box, only to be seen again a few times a year – so let’s put your beautiful gown to use again!

Dry clean & preserve

First things first – before sending off your wedding dress for some altering – you’ll need to make sure it’s in perfect condition. This is so your tailor can maximise the potential of the fabrics. Our trusted dry cleaning service is the safest option – we use very experienced cleaners who know how to clean our silks without causing damage. Plus, we’ll organise the whole process for you – even collection from your home. Once you’ve dry-cleaned your wedding dress, it’s time to begin altering! 

Alteration ideas

1. Gift yourself a new cocktail dress

Get your Andrea Hawkes wedding dress shortened by us and gift yourself a beautiful new cocktail dress. By removing the train or other embellishments, you’ll take away that ‘bridal’ element whilst keeping things formal. You can also pair it with some strappy heels to create a real statement. Now, you can flaunt a brand-new cocktail dress for your next social event!

Top tip: Style up! Wear with your favourite jumper, jacket or blazer to show off your personality.

 2. Simplify your dress

By carefully removing the bridal details of your wedding dress, Andrea Hawkes can create a more streamlined, wearable look for your dress. This is done by taking away the lace detailing or beading, so you’re left with a stripped-down simple silk design. Just add a few accessories and you’ve got a new stunning look for your next formal event or dinner date!

 3. Transform your dress into separates

Unlike many other tailors, Andrea Hawkes has the talent to transform your dress into a stylish range of separates.  Depending on the design of your dress, the top could be a crop top, blouse, corset or bodice, and the skirt could be a pencil, A-line or full skirt. The choice is yours – have them made how you like and you’ll soon have a stunning new outfit for almost any occasion!

Top tip: Pair your separates with a stylish blouse or oversized knit!

4. Casual daytime midi dress

Andrea Hawkes can remove excess weight from your wedding dress’s train and carefully shorten the length to give you a new daytime midi dress. Our brides love this casual look – perfect for shopping with friends or going out for brunch! 

Top tip: For a more casual look, cinch your waist with a belt!

Ready to get creative?

It’s time to get creative. Remember, repurposing your wedding dress is exciting and will mean you get a brand-new piece of clothing (whilst keeping the sentimental value of your dress in mind). If you’re in need of more tips, you could frame your dress and showcase it in your home as a family keepsake, or pass it down to your daughter so she can one day get married in a wedding dress that’s experienced 2 generations of love!

Choose Andrea Hawkes

Andrea Hawkes will make sure your new outfit fits well and looks beautiful on you.  You’ll need to book your post-wedding alterations appointment and we’ll take care of the rest. Join hundreds of other real brides and re-wear your wedding dress



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