“I knew I wanted to go and see Andrea as soon as I got engaged. I had helped one of my closest friends with her dress hunt and mentally earmarked Andrea’s website after seeing the ‘Cecilia’ dress.


Being nearly six feet tall and into weight-lifting, I am bigger than the average bear. I had a bit of drama with another bridal designer who simply told me I could come and look at the dresses but there wouldn’t be anything for me to try on. You can imagine my relief when I received an email from Andrea telling me she had all sorts of sizes and we would make it work.


My mother came down to London from Yorkshire and we went to Andrea’s studio for a chat. She just got it. I tried a few things on but we ended up throwing ideas around, pinning toiles about my person and showing me beautiful fabrics that would make my dream dress. I confessed my love for the Cecilia dress but knew the current design wouldn’t suit me. Andrea got to work on creating a Cecilia just for me: a corset base covered in stunning ‘sea pearl’ silk and French lace over the top to create a train. It. Was. Amazing.


My husband and I are the kind of people who are in or out. We got engaged in scruffy shorts and t-shirt on the Rufiji River in Selous, Tanzania. If there would have been someone to do the deed I think we would have got married in that rickety old boat. However, being from Northumberland Joe wanted to get married in Bamburgh Castle. It was go hard or go home. A magnificent castle on one of the most beautiful beaches in the UK? Who was I to refuse?!
My beautiful dress fit in to the surroundings so well. The fit and technical elements were so modern but the overall feel was almost medieval, which was exactly what I wanted.


I did initially worry about getting carried away and then wearing something that wasn’t ‘me’. I know as soon as I met Andrea that wouldn’t happen. I looked the very best version of myself on my wedding day and I can honestly say that I have never felt so confident.
Thank you to Andrea, Camilla, Dan and all the team for looking after me. Thank you for the laughs, the cups of tea and making me feel a million dollars. You are all wizards and I am forever grateful.”

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