The AH Team

At AH it's important for our brides to get to know who we are, we are a small (very close) team who work in our Islington Showroom. As you venture through your wedding dress journey you will meet different team members, all of who will be working on your dress and ensuring you have the best experience possible.

From Andrea and our stylists through to our fitters, pattern cutters and seamstresses you will have touch points with each of us along the way. Here's a little bit about us, what we do and what we get up to in our spare time!

Andrea - Founder

"I’m Andrea, founder and creative director here at AH. I started the studio from a love of fabrics, British production and design. There’s nothing better than seeing a woman feel their absolute best in one of my dresses! It Brings me lots of joy"

"I have two lovely children and live outside London where I can enjoy a little bit of rural life, growing veg and walking my dog. I love the balance of city and countryside! My fav thing to do is to cook for my friends and family. Hosting dinner and trying out new recipes."

Siobhan - Client & Social Media Manager

“I’ve been with Andrea Hawkes since 2018 and absolutely love working with our brides. There’s nothing better than empowering women and making them feel completely themselves on their wedding day. Our honest and unintimidating approach is refreshing. My favourite part of my job is the special relationships we build with our brides and how creative my role is. From bringing a brides vision to life through customisation through to creating informative and inspiring social content for our brides to enjoy!”

"Outside of AH my passion is interiors, I have been renovating a 1930's property for the last few years and love DIY, learning new skills and bringing my interior concepts to life. I enjoy fusing modern and traditional design - creating a warm, inviting space"

Daniel - Founder & Production Manager

“Myself and Andrea founded AH over 10 years ago. It has been a special journey as the brand has grown alongside our personal life together. Starting in a true 'Kitchen table' way; to the team, experience and reputation we have built to this day is something that makes me very proud.

My role in the business has evolved over time, with my focus now concentrated on production and working day to day with the studio team, alongside working on the wider business vision."

"Away from AH, we have two young children that I love to spend time with, I have a new found love of hiking, alongside cycling, reading and music."

Sophie - Senior Seamstress and Production Co-Ordinator

"I love my creative role here as a seamstress at Andrea Hawkes, making and altering our brides dresses and bringing their dress to life! It's such a lovely feeling being part of their special day and we get so much joy from seeing their photos in the dress on their wedding day! One of my favourite parts of the job is working on some of the more intricate details that we do carefully by hand. From lace applique, to hand making our own buttons for the perfect finishing touch!

Outside of AH I enjoy spending my time outside in nature, going for long walks and I love to travel and explore new places."

Laurie - Pattern Cutter

"I love that pattern cutting can be a challenge, every client has different requirements and body shape and that really motivates me. Andrea is a fresh and innovative designer and it’s great working with her on new collection dresses.

In my spare time I like to design and weave fabric. I also have a passion for horses, although I no longer have one of my own, I volunteer for the Riding for the disabled association"

Beata - Senior Seamstress

"From the youthful moment when I saw my mothers wedding dress photo, my adventure with bridal dresses begun. I have been at AH for nearly 5 years! My favourite part of my job is seeing our brides' faces light up when they see our hard worked-on creations. Such a heart warming thing to see everyday.

It's an absolute pleasure working with beautiful fabrics and bringing our brides ideas into reality"

Steph - Seamstress

"During my time working at Andrea Hawkes I have assisted many members of our close-knit team across most aspects of production. Some of my day-to-day tasks include making veils, working on bespoke lace pieces and helping finish garments. I love working with such beautiful and natural fabrics and seeing those come to life various unique ways.

I love working in the warm and welcoming environment of Andrea Hawkes and I find it richly rewarding to know that our work means so much to our brides."

Elizabeth - Production Assistant

"Andrea Hawkes is the destination known for timeless designs and noteworthy experiences. The run-up to weddings can be stressful and hectic, so we are there to provide a safe space for brides to flourish. I love our ability to capture our brides' unique tastes and individuality in a natural and understanding way whilst providing exceptional service that leaves our brides feeling valued, confident, and empowered.

I discovered my love for baking at a very young age and still love how relaxing and creative it can be. The ability to share my baked goods is another reason why I love it. Trying out new recipes, to then enjoy with family and friends is such a lovely way to wind down."