Repurpose your Wedding Dress with our Post-Wedding Alterations & Natural Dyeing Service

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at AH. Repurposing your dress is a big part of that and something we actively encourage. It is often the one time you have a dress created and fitted perfectly for you, made from gorgeous natural silk fabric – so why not make it last for years to come?

With our advise and guidance, our team can transform your wedding dress into an item of clothing that you can introduce as a staple in your wardrobe to rewear time and time again.


Post Wedding Alterations

We offer alteration services for your dress after your wedding day to give the ability to recreate your dress for future occasions.

This sustainable approach is becoming more common for brides post wedding to repurpose and create a new look from their wedding dress. Our in house fitting team can help achieve this so your wedding dress can be worn again and again.

Our Post-Wedding Alterations service allows you to make some amends to your dress, such as taking off the train, shortening the length or creating a top and skirt from your design. The idea is to create something you will cherish and wear time and time again.


Natural Dyeing

To compliment our post wedding alterations, we are proud to offer our natural dyeing service. All garments are hand-dyed using natural flowers and organics. We are working with a unique partner to offer this special service, where we have researched to ensure we are offering the most sustainable processes to give our garments a new life.

Choose from a selection of solid colours, ombre and botanical prints.


What does it Cost to Repurpose my Wedding Dress?

Post Wedding Alterations

Here is our Pricing Guide for Post Wedding Alterations and Natural Dyeing.

Minor Alterations such as Hem: £180-£240

More Complex Alterations £240-£320+

Natural Dyeing

Naturally Dyed without Alterations £625-£825

Block Colour with Hem £775

Botanical Print with Hem £975

Naturally Dyed with more complex alterations - £POA

Real Bride Megan: Repurposing 'Poppy'

“When Andrea shared that they were offering a repurposing service for their brides I was so excited. It’s such a beautiful idea to be able to reinvent your dress to more a more wearable piece in your wardrobe but to also play around with designing something new, too. Giving your dress a new lease of life and knowing it comes with a sentimentality that could never be replicated means it will feel endlessly special every time you wear it. Such a gorgeous concept.

I loved being able to handpick the colours and patterns, and play around with different ways we could look to repurpose my dress. We kept it true to the original design in many ways, but have transformed it into a multi-wear, truly versatile dress that can now be styled up or down. The botanical hand-dyed element is my favourite; we’ve created a look that feels vintage and luxurious." - Megan