Bridal Accessories

Accessories to Complete your Bridal Look

An exciting way to further personalise your bridal look is with our beautiful collection of versatile accessories.

We often explore our tops, capes, veils & belts during your bridal appointment but we also offer separate accessories appointments if you would like to add to your look.

Our accessories are great for a transitional bridal look that can adapt throughout the day.


Bridal Veils

There are so many wonderful veil options available at the AH studio and our stylists are here to help guide you with shapes, lengths and details.

For a more traditional look, a lace border or two tiered veil would be a lovely choice. We have lots of lace options to choose from and all veils can be made in any size and length

If you’re looking for a more modern veil, we have some beautiful simple, sleek designs alongside more ornate pieces including pearl beading and applique floral lace.

We also over a bespoke service for our veils so if you have an idea in mind just let us know!


Bridal Capes & Tops

One of our favourite ways to style up our simpler silk designs is with a bridal top or cape. This is a wonderful way to create two entirely different looks and really showcase your personal style.

If you love textural interest, our sheer silk organza, chiffon or georgette tops elevate your bridal look whilst complimenting your chosen dress.

If you love more detail our French Lace Tops, Capes and Overdresses will be the perfect addition. Layering these pieces truly transforms your look and allows you to change things up later in the day without needing a whole new outfit!


Bridal Bows & Scarfs

You may have some ideas in mind for your dress that can also be incorporated with the addition of a playful accessory, whether that be some statement removable sleeves, a chiffon scarf or a silk organza bow.

Our team are here to make your vision come to life and that includes your accessories. We have lots of belts, sashes, bows, sleeves and headbands in store for you to explore alongside any ideas you may have.


Bridal Overskirts

Wedding Dress Overskirts are such a great way to add detail and drama to your wedding dress. Whether you love the idea of having a train for the day that could be removed for the evening or you want to add a detailed, lace element to your design - overskirts are the perfect way to do this.

They are easily removable and completely transform your look from day to evening!