At AH sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, from the materials we work with to making ourselves in our London studio through to offering a repurposing service for our brides. Read on to find out more about our sustainable efforts.


Our main fabrics are natural silks and fibres, both outer layers and lining. Our silks are all produced by suppliers we have visited in person, have met the owners and workers and have long term ongoing relationships with. They are working in good conditions and paid responsibly and fairly for their work. We work with mills both in Asia and Europe.

Our outer layer silks for all our collection dresses are 100% natural silk. Our linings are a natural silk and bamboo mix.

Our laces are all French, from mills we have worked with for a long period of time. Lace does create real challenges with sustainable production. Many are made of or contain Viscose derived from cellulose (wood-pulp), which does have potential for sustainable principles. The main issues with Viscose are based around the production of the fibres and the demand for such fibre. We have already reduced these fabrics, but will be looking to move away from laces which contain any man made fibres or where the viscose content is not certified, using alternative organic viscose or organic cotton embroideries for collections in the future.

We also use interlinings (layers between silk and lining) with some designs, of which are all natural cottons. We will be moving to a more sustainable cotton product in 2021, as cotton production has been highlighted due to its water consumption. Cotton equates to approximately 5% of the fabric we use, but remains an important aspect and an area we want to improve our sourcing.

For our toiles (prototypes) we have moved since 2019 to using our larger silk offcuts and cottons. Reducing off cut waste and reducing the use of any man made fibres for prototype toiles. We have not purchased any polyester fabrics for prototyping or toile since November 2019.

Silk production does not escape without its critics. These aspects include, water consumption, energy usage, workers conditions, chemical usage and silkworm treatment. We have worked to ensure our suppliers are meeting and addressing all of these ancient issues and meeting the requirements we expect.

Our silks are made from raw silk without any dyeing or softening processes. This removes large amounts of water consumption, energy usage, labour and chemical usage, seen with comparative cotton, linen and man made fabrics.

What about ‘peace’ silk? We have seen the use of ‘peace’ silks (Ahimsa silkfor wedding dresses. Peace silk is produced from a process that allows the silkworm to emerge from their cocoon and complete their natural life cycle. This in theory creates a better process for silk production, but in practise can be a very different outcome. Silk worms have been domesticated for thousands of years and cannot survive in most settings. Further, they are known to create issues damaging other insect habitats and environments. ‘PETA opposes the use of Peace Silk simply because there is no certification process to ensure the worms weren’t mistreated.’ (

A good read in regards to silk production ‘Materials Index: Silk’ found on The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA).

Made In London

All our dresses are made in London, in our own studio by our team, employed by us and paid fair wages for their skills and roles. We do not outsource any element of our production and you will get to meet our experienced production team throughout your dress making process.

Vegan Wedding Dresses

If you are looking for a Vegan Wedding Dress, our silks are exchangeable for other sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton, organic bamboo silks, Tencel and others. We can source the fabric which is right for you and your wedding dress, whilst adhering to our sustainable approach and principles.

Repurposing & Natural Dyeing

Repurposing your dress is a big part of that and something we actively encourage. It is often the one time you have a dress created and fitted perfectly for you, made from gorgeous natural silk fabric – so why not make it last for years to come?

With our advise and guidance, our team can transform your wedding dress into an item of clothing that you can introduce as a staple in your wardrobe to rewear time and time again. Our team can alter your wedding dress to make it more wearable such as removing the train and shortening to ankle length. Pair this with our natural dyeing service and you can create a timeless design to style up day-to-day.

Tree Planting

At AH we plant a tree for every new AH bride who purchases their special dress with us.

We have access to carry this project out on a site in Saxthorpe, Norfolk, England.

A previous amenity site, we will be using the open spaces created by partial development and clearing to create new woodland. A key part of this project is the importance that it is us who carrying this out, not a tool to just offset or create press around sustainability.

This project is in line with ‘The Big Climate Fightback’ launched by The Woodland Trust and North Norfolk local scheme ‘110,000 trees’. A selection of mature trees will be planted alongside sapling trees directly from The Woodland Trust.