Bridal Bows – A Timeless Favourite


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We love taking inspiration from Bridal Trends but always make sure there is a timeless element to the pieces we design and make. One trend that has captured the hearts of modern brides everywhere is the statement bridal bow. With its ability to blend timeless elegance with contemporary style, the bridal bow is here to stay! Let's explore some of our favourite bows, designed to elevate your bridal look and make a statement.


Let’s start with hair bows! These are perfect for any bride who is planning a half up hair style. We’ve created two beautiful silk hair bows which can be easily clipped in. Our Silk Organza Bow has longer ties and a more romantic feel, the sheer organza works beautifully with our Organza Tops and ethereal designs. For a bold, statement look you can opt for our Silk Satin Bow. This style is slightly larger and has a more structural feel.

All hair bows can be customised with your initials, wedding date or a special motif. If you would like a custom bow shape or a coloured bow we’d love to help, just get in touch with our team and we can talk through the options. Wear throughout your wedding day or mix things up and add a touch of fun for the dance floor!


A hand-tied bow is a really subtle and classic way to introduce a bow into your bridal outfit. This can be created in the form of a sash or bridal top that ties at the back. We absolutely love our Hermione Organza Top which has long ties, this can be naturally hand-tied by one of your bridal party to create a soft shape.


If you love the idea of a formed bow that will hold a structured shape throughout your wedding day then our fixed bows are the perfect option. We particularly love our Japanese inspired Obi Bow - the long ties also act as a train for a real statement look! This pairs beautifully with our Skye Dress but we can create a similar feel and concept on any of our designs.

All of our Bows are available to try in our Islington Showroom and our Hair Bows are also available to purchase Online.