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When it comes to bridal make-up looks there is one duo that we always look to for honest, knowledgeable advice and that is Pamela and Andrea of PandA Make-Up. It’s no secret that we LOVE working with Pamela and Andrea, they have created some iconic looks for most of our collection shoots and are incredibly […]

When it comes to bridal make-up looks there is one duo that we always look to for honest, knowledgeable advice and that is Pamela and Andrea of PandA Make-Up. It’s no secret that we LOVE working with Pamela and Andrea, they have created some iconic looks for most of our collection shoots and are incredibly talented at what they do. We love their approach and commitment to make-up that enhances your natural beauty whilst also making sure you still feel like yourself on your wedding day.

“We believe that make up should not be a disguise but a way of enhancing your natural beauty.”

Left to Right: Dovetail Shoot, Elements Collection, Catwalk Event at Goldsmiths. Make-up by Pamela & Andrea

Pamela & Andrea, thank you so much for taking part in our Make-Up Q&A, tell us a bit more about yourselves and the services you offer….

We are a make up artist duo specialising in natural, enhancing bridal make up and we have been working in the bridal industry for 10 years plus. Our philosophy is that make up should not be disguise but a way of enhancing your natural beauty. We offer both bridal make up and hair services, although we both specialise in make up we also have a small hand picked hair team. We also offer other make up services including, photo shoots, event make up and make up lessons.

How do I find the right MUA, there are so many to choose from and it feels overwhelming!?

There are many different styles of make up whether it be a full glam look or more of a natural look, so choosing a make up artist that has a similar make up style to your own is a really good place to start. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask the artist questions, we are always more than happy to answer any questions from our potential brides. Always look at previous testimonials, Trust Pilot is great place to check these. Look for an artist that has clear pictures of their work that have been unedited, often edited photos don’t give you a true representation of the artists work and can give unrealistic expectations of what the artist can do.

Real Bride Beatrice getting ready for her special day with Pamela & Andrea, Photo by Lucie Watson

“It’s not only about making a person look and feel beautiful, it is our approachability and personal touch that will make you feel completely at ease and help you achieve the best vision of you, for your wedding day or any day that you want to feel special.”


I love a more natural look and wear little make-up day to day, what wedding make up looks should I go for on my wedding day?

It really depends on the individual and what products they are used to wearing. We always want our brides to feel like a better version of themselves on their day. On trial runs we go in depth on the brides usual makeup routine to ensure we fully understand what feels comfortable for them. Even if you are a minimal make up wearer, we can still help with polishing the look and giving it more longevity for the day.

I have sensitive skin and worry about using new products on my wedding day, what is your advice on this?

This is one of the reasons why a make up trial run through is so useful as it gives us a chance to test the products before hand. Often if a client has sensitive skin they may prefer to use their own skin care products underneath the make up. We are also very happy to incorporate any of our clients own make up products into the final look, if that is something they feel more comfortable with.

Real Bride Nadia: Make-up by P&A, photo by Lex Fleming

What’s your favourite make-up look to create?

We love creating any look with dewy, glowing skin.

You’ve worked on all of our photoshoots and would love to know which one you enjoyed the most?

We have loved all of the shoots we’ve done together as its such a lovely team and we always get the most beautiful images! But the most fun was probably the Amaryllis 2023 Collection as we were all on a beach together for 2 days. If we had to choose our favourite make up look we have created for you it would probably be for the Dovetail Collection.

Behind the scenes: Amaryllis photoshoot

Do you offer touch ups throughout the day?

Yes we do offer touch ups and we have a few different packages. Our Silver package includes make up in the morning and one final touch up for the bridal party before they leave for the ceremony. Our Gold package includes us coming to the venue with the bride and offering a quick touch up before and after ceremony and just before photos. Our Platinum package includes touch ups into the evening and a change of look if needed for the evenings festivities.

What do I need for touch ups?

After our trial runs we provide our brides with a list of useful touch up products, these usually include, a lipstick, blusher, concealer & powder.

Real Bride Alicia: Make-up by P&A, Photo by Hannah Macgregor

How long is a trial run?

We like to give 2.5 hours for a make up trial run. During this time we will discuss and create a perfect look for you. We take into consideration your personal style, style of your wedding dress, accessories and any other details or concerns you might have. We are also happy to take care of any other members of your wedding party who may also like a make-up or hair trial.

How long does make up usually take on the day?

We ideally like to give 1 hour per person for make up on the day, with half an hour of touch up time at the end to ensure the bride is looking perfect as she is leaving.

How long should make up be finished before I leave for the ceremony?

We like to have everybody in the bridal party completely ready half an hour before they need to leave for the ceremony.

What is your favourite make-up product that is worth investing in?

We would always recommend in investing in a good quality foundation. Higher end brands tend to use better quality ingredients which is important if its going to be sat on your skin all day. We have found in the past a better quality foundation tends to last better on the skin and is less likely to look patchy and cakey throughout the day.

What is the boldest make-up look you have created?

In photo shoots we have played with bright colours before, something we don’t do normally do for our brides so we do enjoy getting to play around with colour sometimes.

Left to Right: Identity Collection, Amaryllis Collection, Marylebone Evening Collection

What one piece of advice would you give a bride to be?

We think that most suppliers would say the same thing! That the time really does fly so try and relax as much as possible and enjoy every moment. The getting ready process is a huge part of the day as well and we’ll always do our best to make it a calming and enjoyable experience for everyone.

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