Should I wear a Veil?


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Do I have to wear a Veil? You may be questioning whether you should wear a veil and we believe there is no right or wrong answer to this. It’s always great to try one on and just see how you feel! If you are having a more religious ceremony you may choose/need to wear […]

Do I have to wear a Veil?

You may be questioning whether you should wear a veil and we believe there is no right or wrong answer to this. It’s always great to try one on and just see how you feel! If you are having a more religious ceremony you may choose/need to wear a veil out of tradition, modesty or respect.

This traditional bridal addition has also been reworked in recent years and can simply be worn as a beautiful bridal accessory, something that adds a little drama and detail to your outfit. A veil can be worn over the face for more traditional ceremonies or flow elegantly down the back of your dress for a contemporary look.

From our experience, as soon as you try a few veils on you will very likely know if it’s the right option for you.

What kind of veil should I wear?

Firstly, we would always ask our brides the reason for wanting to wear a veil. Is it for religious reasons? for modesty? or do you simply just love how they look? Once you know why you want to wear a veil finding the perfect option becomes a lot easier.

Of course, your veil will need to sit beautifully alongside your dress. We often ask our brides if they want their veil to be a subtle addition or a more statement piece. This can also help determine the length, shaping and detailing you will need to create your vision.

If you are looking for a veil to wear for a religious ceremony we would recommend opting for something with a little more coverage. A two tier veil or blusher layer can be worn over the face if needed. The double layering of tulle creates a more modest coverage over the shoulders if you feel a little bare in that area. Perfect for those who love a more open dress neckline but want more coverage during their ceremony. Our India Veilis a wonderful example of a two tier shape. This can be adorned with a lace trim or kept simple with a raw edge or delicate ribbon border.

If a two tier veil feels a little overwhelming or too heavy for you and your dress, a single tier wide width veil offers a lovely amount of coverage over the shoulders whilst feeling a little lighter and delicate, our Elizabeth veil would be the perfect choice with a delicate lace border it will frame your dress without competing with it.

The majority of our brides choose to wear a veil because they love how they look. A beautiful accessory that you only get to wear on one day! We offer a wonderful selection of modern and contemporary veils that will highlight your dress perfectly. For the minimalists out there our Abby veil has an almost barely there feel, a light soft tulle that flows into the back of your dress and train. It has delicate and understated elegance that sits really well with our simple silk wedding dresses.

Our dresses have a timeless, classic but modern feel to them and we know so many of brides will choose a dress with clean minimal lines, flowing silk and modern design features. That often means you may want to add a little playfulness and detailing to your outfit, most likely for the ceremony and your big entrance. We introduced two new veils into our collection over the past year that create a contemporary feel with floral appliqués and pearl detailing. Our Pearl veil is embellished with delicate pearls that are organically hand placed throughout the veil. We love how this adds a subtle detail and frames our dresses.

Blossom veil was inspired by our love of the outdoors and the free flowing, organic nature of flowers. Blossom veil has hand applied florals and vines that trickle and scatter throughout the tulle. A statement contemporary piece with bold detailing, perfect for any bride who loves nature and floral designs.

For our brides who find full length veils a little too bridal, our shorter fingertip length Audrey veil is always our go to! By finishing at fingertip length it’s is a little more relaxed and offers a more understated option.

What length of veil should I choose?

There are a few lengths that we make our veils to and they all create a different feel or flow. From a more playful short option to a more classic longer style we can help you choose the right veil for your dress. Here are some of our popular length to start thinking about.

Cathedral Wedding Veils sit at approximately 108-120 inches in length, a very long veil that often extends beyond your dress train. This is a dramatic and bold look which is perfect if you have a large venue or aisle. This is a more traditional length that would often be worn for a more formal setting and can be made with a blusher or as a single layer.

Chapel Wedding Veils are 90inches long, by far our most popular length! This sits slightly over the train of most of our dresses creating a lengthening effect. A 90inch veil really works with our designs framing the dress without overpowering it. These can either be a single tier or two tier shape

Our Fingertip veils are 42inches long and finish right by your fingertips, just under the hips. A great length for any bride who wants to wear a veil but would like a more subtle look.

Shorter lengths, we can also create veils that are shorter in length. A 20inch or 30inch veil would be a wonderful addition to our civil ceremony pieces or for any bride looking for a little bit of fun and playfulness.

Once you start trying veils with your wedding dress you will see how each length creates a different feel. Our stylists will guide you with the options to find the perfect length and shape for you.

Borders, trims and appliqués

All of our veils can be made with any border, trim or appliqué of your choice. We have all of our options available to show you in store or online. For a barely there feel we would suggest a raw cut simple edge. If you like a little bit of detail but want to keep a clean modern line we would suggest our modern lace borders or ribbon edge finish. Some of our brides want a more ethereal, all over design in this case we would suggest a scattering or pearls or floral appliqué. Any bride looking for a traditional lace border will love our French lace scalloped edge trims. No matter your dress style or personal preference we will have the perfect veil choice for you.

At AH we make all of our designs in house meaning we can also create a bespoke veil for you, just let us know your ideas and we can help you build it from there.

How do you wear a veil?

Veils are attached to the hair using a comb that has been sewn into the veil. It can be worn at the crown of the head or tucked into a low bun, ponytail or half up half down hair style. Our combs are strong and will hold your veil in place but we always suggest to discuss this with your hair stylist as they may want to add some extra pins for security. If you choose to wear a decorative comb or hair accessory with your veil, these can sit side by side so that you can remove your veil without having to remove your hair accessory later in the day.

Alternative veil options?

A veil isn’t for everyone so we have some amazing options for our brides who want a less traditional look. For us, the main veil alternative that has a really modern look is the bridal cape. They often have a similar shape to a veil but sit on the shoulders as opposed to the hair. They add a beautiful layering to our dresses that can easily be transformed throughout your wedding day.

Our Bia Cape is one of our favourites! Made from a sheer tulle, the same as our veiling fabrics, Bia offers a light coverage over your dress creating a simple and timeless look.

We absolutely love our Aerin cape for a shorter choice. The modern lace adds a romantic feel and the shorter length allows it to move beautifully alongside our silks.

If you are looking for a little more coverage for your ceremony but do not want a veil our bridal tops would be a great place to start. From sheer silks through to floral French lace we have a lovely selection of bridal cover ups. Our Arkle top is a sheer silk organza long sleeve top, a similar fabric to a veil Dew covers the arms, shoulders and back in a light and delicate way.

If you love lace our Adria top is a must try. With a slightly looser, relaxed fit it sits perfectly with our silk wedding dresses for a classic bridal look with a twist. The little cap sleeves add some nice coverage if you need this and do not want to wear a veil.

How much do veils cost?

Depending on the length, fabric and shape our veils sit between £200-£1000 for a more bespoke piece. A curated selection of our veils are available to view and purchase online or you can book an appointment to visit us in store for an accessories appointment to view the options in person. We look forward to helping you find the perfect pairing for your dress!

For more advice and styling tips on what to wear over and with your wedding dress head on over and read this blog post!