Spaghetti Strap Wedding Dresses

A spaghetti strap wedding dress allows you to show off your décolletage while having more support than a strapless gown. Flattering on the shoulders, a classy bridal dress with thin straps combines a simple design with subtly seductive elements, merging the sophisticated with the modern – what’s not to love?

These thin strap bridal dresses are great for layering tops and overdresses to create multiple different looks. All of our expertly designed wedding dresses are handmade in our London studio, offering standard size, made-to-measure and bespoke design bridal dresses.



“Being a wedding dress designer with an appreciation for fashion design and garment fit is extremely important. It is the expertise to understand garments and how they fit the individual. Our skilled team have the capabilities to offer traditional  techniques such as corsetry, enhancing your shape and figure, whilst retaining our simplistic style of wedding dresses.” – Andrea Hawkes

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