V-neck wedding dresses


Our v-neckline dresses offer a beautiful simplicity and a flattering, feminine shape. By drawing the eye to the centre of the body a v-neck emphasises the waist and creates a lengthening silhouette. A v-neck is also a wonderfully versatile neckline, it can sit a little higher for a more modest look or it can plunge to the waist for a more daring feel. The beauty of our v-neckline dresses is that we can help you to find the perfect depth for you, making sure you feel confident and relaxed in your wedding dress.

Lengthen your neckline and draw attention


Great for lengthening the neckline and drawing attention to the waist, a v-neck wedding dress is a perfect balance between sexy and elegant. Our ‘Clarice’ and ‘Pearl’ silk chiffon designs from our Finsbury and Elements Collection are perfect for brides-to-be looking for a long sleeve v neck wedding dress. Offering a sheer veiling over the skin, they combine modesty and femininity. 

For a v-neck, a-line wedding dress, ‘Saint’ and ‘Clement’ from our Elements Collection are beautiful, minimalistic bridal gowns crafted from the finest white silk and expert design. 

If you would prefer a little more detail on your dress our lace v-neck wedding dresses are a great choice. ‘Astral’ from our Reflection Collection offers long lace sleeves and a backless feature.

Our simple v-neck wedding dresses can be easily accessorised with subtle elements such as our lace bridal tops, wedding capes or lace edge veils. A lovely way to customise your dress and make it your own!

“We love styling our v-neck wedding dresses with our brides. Some of our more minimal designs such as ‘Abby’ or ‘Zoe’ really allow us to customise and work with each individual bride to create their look. Whether that be by adding a lace top, bridal cape or simply adjusting the height of the v-neck to suit that brides needs” – Siobhan, Bridal Stylist

To see our v-neck wedding dresses in action, watch our video below

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We’re incredibly proud of the happiness and confidence our dresses have brought brides, and brides-to-be. From entirely bespoke designs to a made to measure gown, we’re ready to help you. To take the next step, get in contact with us, or book an appointment to meet us at our studio.

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