10 Questions for 10 Years of Andrea Hawkes

From day one we have always

Wanted of offer a personal, welcoming and special service to women getting married. Without pretence, just honest, warm and intimate. We have strived to maintain the same values we believed created the foundations of AH.

A standout moment in the last ten years was

I think the opening of our first shop has to be such a key moment for me. We did this quite quickly just after a couple of years so I feel hugely proud we really pushed forward to took this leap!

In the past 10 years we have learnt to

Trust your judgement.

Go with your gut instinct on decisions.

Treat people how you wish to be treated.

Make sure you stay connected to your client.

Have truth tellers around you.

Nurture and try to look after the individuals that make AH who we are. I never forget to value my team. AH is only as good as the team we have.

Always smile and put your best foot forward.

10 years of dressing brides, our best piece of advice is

Be yourself. Our brides are, we just attract a women who know themselves. They aren’t going to be something they’re not. I love that!

Go for quality. No one has ever questioned stunning fabric on the body. It elevates you instantly.

Focus on a shape that suits your figure. Highlight your natural silhouette.

Enjoy your day.

Ensure you feel the best version of yourself.

10 years of in-house production with our own team, why is this important 

It keeps production here in the UK. That can only be a benefit to employment, building skills for generations to come amongst our team.

It allows us to have a more personal relationship with the team and enables us to offer bespoke services as we produce everything ourselves.

Not relying upon a factory to produce your garments. We have complete control.

Sustainability, our designs are produced here. We can tell you who’s made your dress and we think that’s rather special!

Favourite collection over the last 10 years and why?

I have just spent the last couple of weeks reviewing all our past collection designs and photoshoots. I must say I love the ‘Pavello’ shoot. The house was stunning, the shots were great. The Elements collection, has got some fantastically strong designs for us though! I love them all but these really stand out.

Is there a key image that encapsulates AH over 10 years? What do you love about it?

Modern, Timeless and Strong. She’s just there, independently sitting focused on the camera. I love it. She just is herself and this represents the AH bride. I’ve always wanted to empower women to feel themselves on their day.

How has bridal changed over the last 10 years, from day 1 to now?

Bridal has changed and evolved over 10 years. We’re seeing a lot more international brands popping up and in the British market. I suppose with our world being so much more accessible this was going to happen. When I started out, 20+ years ago, it felt like British brands and quality were a real focus. Ive only ever worked in this part of the industry and I loved it from day one.

Social media has changed the industry. Fashion trends and the high street offering wedding dresses has created a more trend driven approach to weddings.

I believe a focus on the basic things, quality and service are most important to retain a brand over many years.

Keeping things fresh and challenging ourselves and the brand but always retaining the foundations of what makes AH what it is.

What has been most surprising about the AH journey so far?

Every time I see a bride who tells me why they love our designs, brand, team, concept. It confirms to be why I started AH with Daniel 10 years ago. It’s the exact same reasons so I feel like we have achieved so much in our first decade and our bride I dreamt would love AH actually does! It blows my mind every time I think about it..

Im so lucky to be able to do this in my life. Forever grateful.

What exciting plans lie ahead for AH?

A real focus on ensuring we maintain our standards and service.

Keep pushing forwards with sustainable practices and making improvements everyday.

A focus on Europe and countries that love our dresses.

Keep having fun!



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