Wedding theme ideas for your big day

You’ve scowered Pinterest and Instagram for ideas, but pinpointing a wedding theme that you love is proving more difficult than you anticipated. Whether you’re stuck with too much choice or don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place.

Of course, you don’t have to pick a theme for your wedding day, but if you are looking to choose one, we’ve put together some tips to help you choose, and 4 theme ideas you might like.

How to pick a wedding theme

Firstly, is choosing a wedding theme important? Although you don’t need to have one, a theme helps you to plan how the look and ‘vibe’ of your whole wedding will come together. It can dictate what venue you choose, the type of entertainment you go with, the flowers, the menu and even your wedding dress style

Choosing a wedding theme is fundamentally about deciding on an overarching style and look to your wedding. It comes down to personality and your own style. Some couples have a theme or idea that they know will form the backbone of their wedding from the get-go. While others are unsure where to start and feel daunted by the abundance of options out there. To help brides in need of some guidance, here are our tips on how to pick a wedding theme.


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Your own inspiration

Your big day is a celebration of you and your betrothed coming together to start a life together as a married couple. So if you’re unsure where to begin looking for ideas, or are overwhelmed by the number of ideas available, think about what inspires you and your partner. 

Do you want your wedding day to embody you as a couple, or transport you and your guests to a different land of your own creation? Is there a particular era, location or style that sums you and your fiance up perfectly? This might be a special holiday destination, a time in history that you both love, a particular style that inspires you. Maybe you both have a passion for sailing or coastal areas in which case nautical items might work. Or perhaps you might want to incorporate elements of the seaside. By thinking about your own interests and hobbies that inspire you, you can begin to piece together what theme suits your personal taste best.


Double act 

Maybe your partner has their heart set on being married in their local church, while you imagined a holiday wedding on a beach. Before you set your heart on a wedding theme, it’s important to check in and discuss any ideas you have with your partner. Creating a mood board together is a great way to find inspiration and collection ideas which you can both be involved with. Pinterest is great for this, as you can create a Group Board that you can both contribute to, even adding photos from your own phone if you’ve seen an idea on the go. 


It’s all in the details

One of the secrets to pulling off a wedding theme is concentrating on the details. As with many creative processes, often less is often more. Choose the best individual elements which create the right overall impression – from the flowers and table arrangements to place cards and your bridesmaid’s dresses. There are endless brilliant wedding ideas out there, too many to incorporate into one day. But by concentrating on a few tasteful, carefully selected items and details, you can create the feel that you want, without going overboard. 

How do you pick which details to focus on? Think about what it is it that you want your guests to remember about your wedding, after you’ve said ‘I do’. There will be special moments from the day which stand out to you and your guests and perfectly sum up the entire day. Will this be the amazing live band who got everyone dancing? Or will it be the small personal touches that made each guest feel a part of your day? Once you know what kind of impression you want to leave, you’ll have a better idea of what details you should focus on to bring your wedding theme to life.

Wedding theme ideas

If your mind is going blank trying to think of a wedding theme, here are some classic theme ideas to get you started: 

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Think subdued lighting, tasteful elements of classical decor like calligraphy, chandeliers or hanging lights. Soft hues and gentle pastel colours will help to soften the scene (and make great shades for your bridesmaids’ dresses). A romantic wedding theme is a time-tested favourite, and we can understand why. This style is perfect for brides after a beautiful but down-to-earth wedding theme. Our romantic, lace dresses from our Clerkenwell Collection complement this wedding theme perfectly, accentuated with vintage lace and classic necklines.  

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Who said weddings have to be serious affairs? Inject some fun into your wedding with a vibrant colour scheme. Whimsical weddings use quirky elements and bright splashes of colour to create a fun atmosphere. Think balloons, streamers, eye-catching florals, and pops of colour everywhere – from the table decorations to the wedding cake. 

You could even go for a festival themed wedding – invite your friends to your WedFest with All Access passes and VIP tickets. Opt for fabulous floral crowns over traditional veils, dashing pairs of wellies, glow sticks and boho marquees or teepees for the main event. Incorporate a carefree, laidback feel with street food, outside games and live music. Our retro inspired wedding dresses in our Identity Collection are perfect for these types of wedding, as they use individual designs and chic elements for a modern, fun feel. 


Keep your wedding classy with a minimalistic colour scheme. The savvy bride and groom will be the embodiment of modern style by incorporating geometric shapes, clean lines and minimal design into their stripped back aesthetic. This theme is perfect for city weddings or couples looking to keep their wedding simple yet impactful. Keep the decor bare and let cool structural backdrops do the talking. There are plenty of interesting and unique venues in our neck of the woods in East London for those on the hunt for creative locations to say ‘I do’. For brides-to-be in need of a dress, the structured wedding dresses and suits in our De Beauvoir Collection complement this wedding theme down to a ‘T’ – sharp designs that pack a punch. Though if you’re after truly minimalistic bridal style, look no further than the white silk dresses of our Reflection Collection.

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Whether you’re going for a Gatsby glamour or Victorian elegance, draw inspiration from the past with a vintage wedding theme. Add glitz with jazz-age glam with ornate gold, sharp lines, feathers and a vintage mic stand. For weddings inspired by the Victorian period, look for venues with antique decor, arriving (of course) in a classic car, and decorate your tables with vintage lace tablecloths and candles. For weddings inspired by the 50s and 60s, rock a pin-up, curled hairstyle and retro makeup with a tea-length dress. Tie the knot in a venue decorated with vinyl, polka dot patterns, retro signs, and Polaroid cameras. 

Another way to channel your chosen period is through your wedding dress style and jewellery. Our Winter Capsule Collection encapsulates modern classic style, perfect for a Gatsby themed wedding or for brides going for art-deco lavishness. While the retro wedding dresses in our Identity Collection are perfect for channelling a midcentury modern feel to your day, complementing 50s and 60s weddings. 

It’s important to remember that at the end of the day, you don’t have to have a wedding theme. Planning a wedding is a huge project in itself without adding to your list any more than you need to. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the idea of setting your heart of a wedding theme, keep it simple. You can add personal elements to your wedding without needing to decide whether your wedding is rustic, modern or wonderland themed. After all, your wedding is your special day, so bringing in personal touches is enough to make any ceremony truly unforgettable. 


At Andrea Hawkes, we make it our mission to ensure each of our brides finds the perfect dress for their wedding. Whether you’ve chosen a wedding theme or not, your wedding dress should embody your individual style and personality. From your first appointment with us to your final fitting, we place you at the centre of our service at every stage. Book an appointment at our studio in London or get in touch with our experienced team today.  



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