How to deal with wedding planning stress

It can be hard to rise above wedding planning stress. However, the last thing you want is to become so absorbed in the organising process that you lose sight of what the day is actually all about. Here are our tips on how to not let wedding admin get to you.

If you feel like wedding planning is keeping you up at night and taking over your life, you need to make some changes. Don’t by any means feel you’re overreacting or in some way failing – stress while organising a wedding is common. But there are plenty of fixes you can try before you submit to turning into Bridezilla.

Beat the bridal blues

It’s true that the checklists can become all-consuming and overwhelming at times. It’s also true that planning such a special day should be fun. As such, we encourage all to-be-weds to enjoy the journey. But how do you not stress about wedding admin?

Five ways to reduce wedding planning stress

  1. Take breaks

As efficient as it may appear to utilise your lunchbreaks for some mid-day wedding planning, don’t skip meals or burn the candle at both ends. It’s bad for your mood, causes exhaustion and eventually leads to exaggerated emotions, stress levels and a reduced ability to function. Set a limit on how often you use lunch breaks for a wedding task. Maybe one lunch per week can be wedding related, then the rest can be an actual break.

Having a deadline for when you stop wedding planning each day can also help. For example, you might say that 8-9pm is for self-care activities such as meditation, a bath or general pamper session before getting a good night’s rest. Even though your brain might still be whirring around wedding related ideas, taking a step back from actually implementing these will help you to recharge your batteries and solidify these ideas into clearer and more organised actions the next day.

2. Wait but don’t procrastinate

Taking breaks and setting realistic deadlines is important. If you try to take on everything at once, you’ll feel overwhelmed and lose motivation to take on new tasks, which could lead to you missing something important. If there are tasks that can wait, leave them and focus on the priorities. Seeing the most important items getting checked off is satisfying in itself, and will make the outstanding items seem more achievable. Before you plan anything, decide which items are must-haves for you and your partner, and which aren’t. Then work backwards to identify those which need to be booked first, and any that can wait.

3. Pick your team members

There are two elements to this. Number one, don’t attempt to do everything yourself, delegate tasks. Have faith in your friends and family because you need them to support your planning.

Number two, keep your team close-knit. If you’re starting to question all of your decisions, chances are that you’re overthinking and/or receiving input from too many people and sources. 50% of participants in a recent survey said that wedding-related stressors stemmed from differing opinions on the wedding details. Seek advice from a small group of people whose opinions you trust, instead of asking everyone for their input.

4. Press pause

Sometimes, it takes a reality check from someone else – such as your partner – to know it’s time to put the brakes on your wedding woes. Maybe those around you have expressed their excitement at the process being over. Come up with a mantra that helps you and your partner to maintain focus on why you’re doing this. The most likely answers are because you love each other and you want to celebrate this with your nearest and dearest. What you’re working on through your wedding admin is details within this bigger picture. If you view the details as bonus features (not essentials), any anxiety or stress surrounding them will be lifted and your enjoyment in the journey restored.

5. Go on a date

Honing in on number four, this will help you stay connected to your partner and remind you why you want to plan a wedding in the first place. In two surveys 96% of 500 engaged and newlywed couples said that wedding planning was stressful and 43% said that wedding planning put a strain on their relationship. Even if your partner isn’t overly involved – or involved at all – in the planning of your wedding, this is a process and journey that you’re sharing with them first and foremost, above anyone else. Get a date night with your fiance in your wedding planner and don’t spend it talking about the wedding.

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