What is our Tree Project?

For those of you who have been following our sustainability efforts over the past couple of years you will know that we are planting a tree for every new AH bride who purchases their special dress with us. As we head into a new year we wanted to update you all on the progress and the next steps in this exciting project!



A little bit about the site itself

The site is an acre plot in the Norfolk countryside, owned by Andrea’s family, with an aim to repurpose and regenerate. It has been through a number of owners and uses, originally as a small farming plot, and unfortunately when discovered had been left in a poor state through previous uses. The site is to be regenerated into a thriving biodiverse space which will nourish growth of trees and plants and attract wildlife. This has led to the collaborative idea of planting a tree for every AH bride!

There will be a Shepherds Hut on site for users to enjoy staying in nature, encouraging focus on wildlife and sustainable living and to help fund the ongoing regeneration and investment into the site.


What’s been happening this year…

Over the course of 2022 the site has undertaken an initial clearing of debris, clearing of fallen trees (to create bug hotels!) and clearing of large areas of nettles.

Saplings previously found on site have been relocated to more suitable positions and been given new stakes to ensure they are retained. This has been followed by planting of a number of mature trees on site to harness the overall environment in an accelerated approach, creating instantaneous benefits to wildlife, creating screening of the nearby road and privacy for users.

What’s Next? Winter 2022

During winter 2022 work will be carried out to remove a temporary hardstanding road installed by the previous owner, this area will be wildflower seeded once complete to join wildflower area created previously. The materials removed will be repurposed onsite to reduce waste.

Works to complete boundary fencing, clearing and improvement works to the existing pond on site with long term aim to create a sustainable habitat and attract wildlife, improvement and preparation works of existing vegetable garden area created by previous owner to plant in 2023 and creation of a composting area for all compostable waste on site.

Spring Saplins

Spring 2023 will be the start of our sapling planting, carried out in batches in allocated areas. All saplings will be purchased through the Woodland Trust to support their ongoing work.

We will document the process in detail when carrying out planting and show you what a lovely space this is becoming.

We hope that this approach shows a true hands on way of delivering a special promise to our brides, a true reinvestment in the environment that further highlights our sustainable and ethical approach to our wedding dresses.

Our Sustainability Ethos




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