Survey: Repurposing your wedding dress

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and we are actively looking for ways to continue improving our sustainability. We approach it as a continuous work, never with a perfect answer but always room for change and improvement.


With this in mind we want to support and encourage our brides to find a new use for their wedding dress after their special day. Our wedding dresses have an ease about them, naturally they have an understated elegance which we feel lends itself perfectly to repurposing. We are having more and more conversations with our clients about how to make their bridal outfit become part of their everyday wardrobe. Whether that be for a special occasion or day to day wear – we are here to help!


We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on repurposing your dress so we have put together a short survey to gain a better understanding. To take part please follow the link below, it should only take a few minutes to answer.





At AH we offer a post wedding alteration service where you can meet with our fitting team to alter your dress to make it wearable again. There are so many creative and fun ways to adapt your dress, from shortening the hem, removing sleeves, lowering backs, splitting the design into a top and skirt – the list goes on.


Beyond altering your dress we feel it is important for us to highlight the ways in which you can re-style your dress in an achievable and wearable way. We are very excited to be teaming up with D.A.Y Boutique, an independent fashion store in Peckham, London – founded by one of our wonderful real brides Apee and her sisters Disha and Yukti. They have a beautifully curated selection of brands that we know our clients will love. We will be styling up some of our AH designs, that have been adapted/altered, to show you exactly how you can wear your wedding dress again and again!

More to come soon….



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