What To Wear Wedding Dress Shopping

What To Wear Wedding Dress Shopping: Our Top Tips

In this guide, you’ll find out what to wear wedding dress shopping – from underwear colour to jewellery and make-up. Read on to discover our expert top tips, ensuring you have an enjoyable shopping trip and feel confident for your big day. It is the way to find your dream dress without a hitch!

Slip-on shoes

It’s recommended to wear comfortable shoes such as slip-ons when wedding dress shopping as you’ll likely be on your feet and walking around for long periods of time. Plus, you’ll be taking your shoes on and off plenty of times as you try on various dresses, and wedding shoes too. Slip-ons are sure to make your life easier!  

Top tip: If you’ve already selected your dream wedding shoes – bring them along! It’s important to try on your dress with the right heel height. Plus, the heels will give you a beautiful posture whilst trying on your dress.

If you’d prefer not to carry them around, we’ve got stunning pairs of shoes in our Andrea Hawkes showroom ready for you to try on with your dress.

Choosing the right underwear 

A strapless bra is ideal if you’re trying on dresses with different necklines, and if you’re planning on wearing any shapewear on your big day – bring it! This will ensure a proper fit and you’ll be able to see exactly how the dress will look with it. It’s also a good idea to think about the style of dress before choosing your underwear. Ask yourself the following questions:

Do you want a classic style? Your favourite undergarments may already be perfect. 

Do you want a low neckline? Work with a trusted alterations team – such as Andrea Hawkes – to ensure you feel supported without a bra.

Do you want a backless gown? Choose low-rise underwear for discreet comfort. We recommend La Perla – lingerie that’s both comfortable and stylish!

Underwear colour

Opt for comfortable neutral-coloured underwear – such as nude shades or whites – to avoid visible lines or colours showing through the dresses. Avoid bright colours like red or hot pink!  Wear them to your fitting to check that nothing shows through so you can feel at ease for your big day.

Megan Gilbride in Our PJ Set

Top tip: Choose fabrics with fewer embellishments to prevent your underwear from catching or snagging on your dress!

Minimal make-up

Keep your dream dress clean by wearing minimal make-up during the shopping process. Whilst make-up can often be removed with dry cleaning, it’s courteous to avoid staining the dresses you try on. That being said, you should still wear enough make-up to envision your complete look. Having your hair styled in the way you want it for your big day really helps here too!

Simple jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, we recommend keeping it simple. We recommend:

  • Small stud earrings. These are a great option as they won’t detract from the dress or get in the way when trying on different styles.
  • Necklace. A simple necklace can add a touch of elegance to your look – but make sure it doesn’t clash with the neckline of the dresses you try on.
  • Bracelets. Simple bracelets can complement your look – but again avoid anything that might clash or get in the way when trying on dresses, such as watches.
  • No rings (apart from engagement rings!). It’s generally best to avoid wearing rings as they may be uncomfortable when trying on dresses and potentially snag on fabric. Do wear your engagement ring though!
  • Hair accessories. A simple hair accessory – such as a hair clip or headband – can add a nice touch and help keep your hair out of your face while trying on dresses.

Remember,  the jewellery you wear should not distract from the dress and should enhance your overall look. It’s best to try on dresses with minimal jewellery and then add pieces as needed.

Let’s recap

Wedding dress shopping should be an enjoyable experience. Don’t let the worry of choosing the right underwear, shoes, jewellery or make-up hold you back from envisioning your dream look. If you’re looking for a friendly welcoming service – you’re more than welcome to visit our Islington showroom. Explore our collections here and book your wedding dress consultation – we’ll support you throughout and guide you through choosing the right underwear, shoes and accessories, so your wedding dress shopping experience goes seamlessly! 

Looking for an alternative?

If you’d rather skip traditional wedding dress shopping entirely or are struggling to find the time – check out our At Home service. You’ll get a dedicated video consultation with one of our stylists and your dresses will arrive at your door so you can try them on in your home. 



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