Aftercare Services

After your wedding day you will want to consider how you clean and store your dress, wether to be worn again or as a keep sake. You may also want to consider the increasingly common practise where bride’s are sustainably repurposing their wedding dress to be worn again.


We are here to help with all your post wedding aftercare services.

Professional Cleaning

We offer cleaning services for your dress, carried out by our longstanding trusted professional cleaners. Including full cleaning service and storage options for your dress to ensure its safe guarding and care.


Your dress will be professionally inspected, cleaned, spot cleaned where required, steamed and packed away either in our dress bag or a preservation storage box.


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We offer alteration services for your dress after your wedding day to give the ability to recreate your dress for future occasions.


This sustainable approach is becoming more common for brides post wedding to repurpose and create a new look from their wedding dress. Our in house fitting team can help achieve this so your wedding dress can be worn again and again.


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