At Andrea Hawkes we can work with you to design your bespoke wedding or evening dress. Starting with your inspiration you will work directly with Andrea and our team to create, sketch and plan your unique design.

You will be able to look and through and select our fabrics and we will source any new fabrics required for your bridal or special gown.

Our bespoke consultation appointments are a time to discuss your inspiration, look through our collection, work with Andrea and our team to create your perfect dress. Book your appointment here.

Read some of our testimonials from bespoke real brides.

Why a bespoke wedding dress?

Creating your own design, developing the style and fit throughout the process can help create the perfect and unique look for you. Using inspiration to create your look removes the search for your dress and ensures all your key features are included in the design.


Flexibility with design, fabric, fit and timing allow you to have complete control of your dress with the full support of our experienced team.

What is the fitting process for my bespoke design?

Once your design has progressed we will arrange your fittings schedule with you, typically starting 12 to 6 months before your wedding date.


You will first visit our studio for your measurements, where we will also finalise any details and arrange your fabric swatches to assist with your other wedding choices such as your wedding shoes.


We will then create your pattern for your wedding dress and make your prototype toile. Your toile is a first version of your dress shape, typically made from cotton, which we will fit to you to ensure your dress shape is perfect before proceeding to silk.

Your toile fitting will take 1 to 1.5 hours with our studio team.


After your toile fitting we finalise your pattern before we cut your natural silks. All our dresses are cut by hand and fully made in our London studio.


Your 1st silk fit will follow, where your dress will be made to the first stage. This fitting will asses the overall fit of your dress in silk, final amendments and bringing all finishing touches together. Depending on the complexity of your design you may require a 2nd silk fitting to finalise any special details such as appliqué or lace details.


Your final fitting will showcase your finished dress, with all final details complete.


Collection or delivery of your dress will be arranged in timing of your wedding day. Your dress will be steamed and packed in preparation.

“Being a wedding dress designer with an appreciation for fashion design and garment fit is extremely important. It is the expertise to understand garments and how they fit the individual. Our skilled team have the capabilities to offer traditional  techniques such as corsetry, enhancing your shape and figure, whilst retaining our simplistic style of wedding dresses.”


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