Made-To-Measure Wedding Dresses

Explore our stunning collections, choose your favourite and get a made-to-measure wedding dress professionally crafted to your measurements with our soft sustainable silks and natural materials. Feel beautiful and confident for your big day!

Bring your vision to life

Our skilled team works closely with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring every stitch and detail reflects your personal style to enhance your natural beauty.

Explore our collections, find your dream dress and we’ll work with you to create the fit you’ve always dreamed of!

Why choose a made-to-measure wedding dress?

All of our designs can be made to measure. This means your dress will be made to your specific body requirements (instead of a standard size).


Our made-to-measure service allows you to make more complex design changes, such as adapting a neckline shape or adding a specific sleeve you have in mind. This is a more flexible service that lets you truly customise and personalise your design.

What is the measurement process?

We arrange your fittings schedule with you, typically starting 12 – 6 months before your wedding date.


1. First visit to our London studio

Once you’ve chosen and ordered your dress, you’ll visit our studio for your measurement appointment. Here, we’ll take a full set of your body measurements and have a detailed conversation about your design. We’ll go through any changes to your dress, fabrics and desired fit, so we’re ready for the next stage of the process (your Toile fitting!).


2. Prototype toile fitting

Your toile (the first version of your made-to-measure dress shape) will be ready to try on. This step ensures your dress shape is perfect before proceeding to the silk fitting.


Here, we’ll make sure you’re happy with all parts of the fit, such as the:

  • Shape of your neckline
  • Fullness of your sleeves
  • Skirt shape
  • Overall fit
  • & more


Any adjustments needed can be made with ease at this stage.


This is a special, technical fitting that all of our brides love! It’s a chance for you to check you’re 100% happy with your design before moving on to your silk fitting.

3. First silk fit

It’s time for your first silk fit! By this point, your dress will be made to the first stage (any amendments from the Toile fitting will be ready), and any more final amendments or finishing touches will be decided here.


This is the first time you’ll see your dress in your chosen fabrics.  Your hem, centre, back and other certain details will be in their most basic form, so our team can further develop these in person. 


Your fit will be checked, your hem will be pinned and any bespoke details (such as draping or applique work) will be worked on whilst you’re in your dress.


You may have a second fitting booked with our team if your dress is complex and additional time is needed to finalise intricate details.

4. Final fitting

Your final fitting will showcase your finished dress, with all final details complete. This is a great opportunity to see your full bridal look together – bring along your wedding shoes and any accessories you plan to wear on your special day!


5. Collection/delivery time

Collection or delivery of your dress will be arranged around 1 – 3 weeks before the wedding (depending on your travel arrangements around your wedding day). Your dress will be steamed and packed in preparation.

Book your made-to-measure consultation

It’s time to book your consultation and get that flawless fit you’ve always dreamed of. Andrea Hawkes uses the finest fabrics and her artisan design skills to accentuate every inch of your figure. From intricate lace to delicate beading, every detail is crafted to create a bridal masterpiece. Choose a made-to-measure wedding dress to reflect your individual style and feel incredible on your special day.

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