Professional Wedding Dress Alterations Service in London

Complete your bridal look with professional wedding dress alterations. Once you’ve chosen your Andrea Hawkes dress, find out how much money you’ll need to budget. Let’s achieve a flawless fit tailored to you.


If you’ve got a Standard Size Andrea Hawkes wedding dress or a Sample design, alterations are an important part of the process. Each bride and dress is unique, and our alteration pricing is assessed on an individual basis. As a guide, we’ve put together some pricing to help you understand our wedding dress alterations services, so you can feel amazing on your wedding day at the right price.

Do I need to alter my wedding dress?

Purchasing a standard-size/sample dress and budgeting for alterations is a great cost-effective way of achieving your dream bridal look. Alterations can range from simple adjustments, such as shortening the hem, to more complex work like altering the lace.

What is the fitting process for alterations?

You will first visit our studio to have an assessment fitting with our fitters. During this appointment they will talk you through what is required, pin your dress in preparation and determine the required alterations. Once your dress has been assessed we will determine the time and cost of your alterations and book you in for your retry and dress collection.


Your second fitting will be to try on your dress with all alterations carried out to ensure your dress is ready for your wedding day. Any final amendments will be addressed and you can take your dress with your after this fitting or alternatively return to collect on a set date.


Your dress will be steamed and packed ready for your collection.

What do wedding dress alterations cost?

Our wedding dress alterations costs are separated into brackets depending on the level, time and type of alterations you require.


 Simple alterations

Simple alterations can cost between £340 to £450, covering things such as hemming and adjusting straps. 


Complex alterations

More complex alterations such as:

  • Taking in
  • Lace or beading work
  • Adding cups
  • Corset alterations
  • Remodelling the dress

Will cost between £560 and £750.


You’ll be assessed individually, but we’ve created price brackets to ensure transparency and a set cost to help you budget.

Our alterations services

Taking in or letting out sides

Andrea Hawkes can professionally alter the sides or centre back of your dress to create a flawless fit that accentuates your body and gives you added comfort on your wedding day.


Narrow shoulders

If needed, our skilled team can carefully tailor the shoulders to your exact measurements.


Shorten or lengthen hem

Whether you want to show off your shoes or have your hem flawlessly skimming the floor, our experienced seamstresses will skillfully alter the hemline of your dress so it drapes beautifully whilst keeping the original design.


Shorten or lengthen straps

If your straps need adjusting, Andrea Hawkes and her talented team will make precise alterations to ensure a comfortable fit – so you don’t have to worry about them falling down!


Reshape neckline

If desired, we’ll reshape the neckline to flatter your features and reflect your unique style.

Book your bridal alterations consultation

It’s time to book your consultation and get that flawless fit you’ve always dreamed of! Once you’ve purchased your standard-size dress or an archive sample dress, just follow the simple booking process.


We only carry out alterations on our own dresses, once you have purchased your standard size dress or archive sample either from our showroom or online shop, you can contact us at [email protected] or 0207 8370759 to arrange your assessment fitting.

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