“I was on my way to a work event one morning, as I happened to walk by Andreas’ showroom in Islington. My eye was caught by an extraordinary two-piece wedding dress in the window. I just had to cross and take a quick photo, which I showed my partner as I got home.

He was surprised, as I am normally not a fan of wedding dresses. The huge amount of fabric and tulle makes me stressed, and being Scandinavian I (obviously) prefer a minimalistic look. And so my starting point for our up-coming wedding was to wear a white tuxedo, something my partner was less thrilled about..


The following Saturday we walked together to the shop and had the pleasure to meet Andrea and her team. After two minutes I had found a white leather waistcoat that Andrea had made as a single sample. I fell in love with it and decided instantly it had to be the key item for my wedding outfit and that the dress would just need to fit with it (I have been told later that it is a rather unusual way to start your wedding dress search!

After several inspiring discussions on design, Andrea and I agreed that she would make something tailored for me. It’s very important to me to try to consume in a sustainable way and I try to buy things that I can wear for a long time. This is tricky when it comes to wedding dresses and so the solution became a two-piece dress where I would be able to wear the separate pieces again for future occasions.


I could not be happier with the result, I absolutely love my dress! Andrea and her team were brilliant and made the design process so joyful and fun. I really felt that my personal style was captured and expressed in the design of the dress. Super-professional, patient, kind and personable – guys, you do such an amazing job!

I felt comfortable, beautiful and so much like myself in my dress at our wedding day. I was so thrilled that my sister (who was getting married three weeks later) ended up flying from Sweden to have her dress made by Andrea as well!”

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