“I first met Andrea at the beginning of my search for a dress at a bridal fair in islington. She immediately stood out to me as being different to the other bridal designers that I’d seen. Her designs are so modern and everything she produces has so much style and beauty. 

My husband and I are both designers and I have a particular interest in fashion, therefore the dress was extremely important to both of us. 

At the beginning I wasn’t exactly sure what I was looking for. However, after searching through lots of bridal websites I soon I realised i wanted a very simple elegant outfit but with an unusual edge, which was leading me to something quite bespoke. Andrea’s ‘Audrey’ dress was the closest thing out there to it, so we used this as a base and set to work.

I’m sure I was quite a challenging client a times, but Andrea and her team were so patient and accommodating. They got to know me and really tried to tailor everything to how they thought i would like it, but at the same time making sure it would look good and work well!  We certainly went on a journey together and developed a great relationship, which resulted in the end product being even more amazing than I could have ever imagined! 

I cant express how happy I was with my dress. It was perfect and I couldn’t recommend Andrea and her team more. They were all amazing from the beginning to the end.    

Thank you so so much!”


(Photographer credit: Mark Wallis)

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