Wedding Dress Separates

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Create your very own unique wedding day look by choosing a bridal skirt and top from our versatile collection of bridal separates. From simple silk bridal skirts to detailed lace toppers that give your dress an added level of allure, our bridal separates let you create the perfect wedding dress outfit to suit your style.


All of our bridal creations are crafted using Andrea’s expert knowledge and experience of dressmaking to combine classic couture shapes with minimalistic, clean designs. You’ll find examples of our bridal separates from across our collections, or explore our range of bridal skirts and tops in our online shop.

Our sequinned bridal cami top ‘Irta’ or long sleeve beaded bridal top ‘Adria’ offer the perfect textural contrast to our separate silk wedding skirts. Our brides can mix and match styles to find the perfect combination for them.

We have plenty of lace wedding tops like our ‘Wisley’ design that can be paired with our bridal skirts or trousers for some extra detail or you can choose our simple, minimal separates like our long sleeve silk ‘Rowan’ jersey top.

For a more relaxed, casual feel our ‘Addison’ leather bridal trousers, silk jersey t-shirt and cotton jacket would be ideal!

Bridal separates are a great option for any brides who are keen to mix up their look throughout their day, it is easy to slip into something more beaded for the evening whilst enjoying a simple sleek silk look for the day.

“Our bridal separates work really well for our brides who are looking for a more relaxed, casual feel. They are made from the finest silks, French lace and beading meaning they still feel incredibly special but are also comfortable and familiar to wear.” – Siobhan, Stylist


Everything needs to be right for your big day, that means not compromising on any separates for your gown, jumpsuit or backless dress.

Just like our dresses, we can create unique garments that accentuate your style and colour choice. If you’ve any questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out to us, or book an appointment to visit our studio.