Corset Wedding Dresses


A timeless bridal favourite, corset wedding dresses are eternally feminine, flattering every body type, and are the perfect option for brides wanting to enhance their natural figure and shape. Our bridal corsets are made using the finest natural cotton and silk fabrics, as using premium silks is integral to the design of all our silk bridal dresses.

A permanent feature in all of the Andrea Hawkes Collections, our beautiful corset wedding dresses are all designed and made in the UK. From the off the shoulder and strapless designs of ‘Etienne’ and ‘Asta’ from our Reflection Collection. To the simple corset wedding dresses ‘Bree’ and ‘Florence’ from our Finsbury and Pavello Collections. Across our bridal collections, you’ll find a range of expertly designed, minimalistic corset bridal dresses to choose from. If you are looking for something truly unique, Andrea Hawkes can create your very own bespoke corset bridal dress designed just for you.

close up shot of a woman wearing a simple strapless wedding dress


minimalistic corset v-neck wedding dress


plain strapless corset v neck wedding dress


“Corsetry can be the best way to create the perfect silhouette for your dress. We use traditional techniques to create integral corsets in our soft silk dress shapes.” – Andrea Hawkes

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