Planting Trees for our AH Brides

We have now begun our sapling tree planting, to continue our goal to plant a tree for every AH bride since 2020 and beyond. We have been carrying this out ourselves with advice from the Woodland Trust, with our first sapling batch planted by Andrea and family during the February half term. This alongside mature trees planted last year, which are already thriving in their new environment.

We have all seen many brands and businesses using third party organisations to discuss tree planting for customers but by conducting the task ourselves we feel it ensures we can say it is being done correctly, it is directly benefitting us locally and alongside our production principles is not being implemented as a ‘greenwashing’ tool.

We are proud to share this with you and will continue to update as we progress with more trees and improvements on the site…

Species we love and have planted

Beech, Silver Birch, Crab Apple, Elder, Oak, Rowan, Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Hazel

Tree Supports we have used…

Biodegradable tree protectors

Natural Cane supports

All trees have been labelled to help care and maintenance

Articles from The Woodland Trust 

The Benefit of Trees

Trees help fight climate change, save wildlife and improve our health. We all need trees.

Why British Trees?

Sourcing trees that have been grown from seed to sapling without ever leaving the UK is a guiding principle of ours. But why is it important?

Why Plant Trees?

Trees are essential for people, wildlife and the environment.

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