Repurposing your wedding dress: Survey Results

Over the past few weeks we have had many brides and brides-to-be take part in our ‘Repurposing Your Wedding Dress Survey‘ – Thank you to every single one of you who took part! The results have been really interesting and we wanted to share with you all.

As part of our sustainability series we want to encourage and support our brides to rewear, restyle and repurpose their wedding dress. We offer an in house post wedding alteration service to adapt and rework your dress into something you can enjoy time and time again.

Alongside this we will be teaming up with the lovely Apee, Disha and Yukti founders of D.A.Y Boutique to show you some fun, achievable and wearable outfits for your wedding dress post wedding. Watch this space!

Question 1. When searching for your bridal outfit, are you (or did you) also consider the potential to re-wear after your wedding?

Question 1: If yes, has this had an affect on the style of dress you are searching for?

Question 3: Would you increase your budget if it was possible to re-wear your outfit and/or if the sale price included alterations to restyle your dress to be worn again?

Question 4: Are you/were you conscious of choosing a design that is timeless in order to love it for years to come?

Question 5: Would you be happy to alter your dress post wedding if it meant getting more wear out of the design?

Question 6: Are you/did you consider choosing natural fabrics when purchasing your bridal outfit?

Question 7: Would you be happy to pay for alterations to alter your bridal look in order to make it wearable for another event/occasion?

Question 8: Would you/did you consider choosing a non white/Ivory outfit for your wedding day?

Question 9: If yes, was this in order to make your dress more suited to be reworn?

Question 10: Have any of your friends or family re-worn/re-purposed their wedding outfit, if so what did they do to make it wearable again?

Question 11: If you were to repurpose your wedding dress, where would you plan to wear it again?

Question 12: If you do not want to rewear your wedding dress, what are your plans for your dress?

Question 13: Have you researched reselling platforms?

Question 14: If you are planning to resell, would you resell with your designer if this was offered?

Question 15: Have you researched how to clean your dress?

We look forward to sharing the ways in which we can help you to rewear your dress, keep an eye on our Blog and Instagram over the coming weeks for lots of post wedding styling inspiration.

Thank you to Love My Dress for sharing our survey with their wonderful followers.


Team AH X



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