Travelling with your wedding dress

When it comes to travelling, storing, steaming and protecting your dress in the lead up to your wedding day we’ve got you covered! Here are our top tips once you have collected your wedding dress from the AH Studio….

Collecting Your Wedding Dress

Once your dress has been altered to perfection and you are happy with everything we will arrange a date for you to come and collect your dress from our showroom. Just before collection our fitting team will meticulously press and pack your dress into a breathable gown bag, if you have bought a veil or accessories with us we will also have these ready for you.

On collection day it is advisable to come in a car or be prepared to book a taxi. Once your dress has been steamed and pressed we advise to keep it as flat as possible and hanging at all times. It can be gently laid in the boot of a car or across the back seat – this will allow your dress to fall naturally and not bunch up.

Travelling Abroad With Your Wedding Dress

If you are travelling abroad with your dress there are a couple of options we would suggest.

  1. Speak with your airline to see if they have a hanging locker on the plane – they may be able to store your dress here throughout your flight – this will keep it hanging and you should be able to carry in on in your dress bag
  2. If this is not possible we would recommend gently folding your dress into a hand luggage case, keeping it in your dress bag. If you would like some assistance with this our team would be more than happy to help, simply bring your case to your collection and we will help gently pack it for you.

Do not check your dress into the hold, the risk is too high so keep it safely with you at all times as hand luggage!

Steaming Your Wedding Dress

We always advise our brides to buy a hand held steamer for any creases that may happen during travels. Once at your destination, leave your dress to hang for as long as possible before your wedding day. Hang it high and take the train out of the bottom of the bag to let it hang freely. As our dresses are natural silk most creases will drop out naturally with the weight of the silk.

The day before your wedding day check over your dress to see if there are any creases that need attention. Get your hand held steamer up and running – check that is it not spitting water and test it on a towel first. Once you are sure it is not spitting water hold it 15-20cm away from your dress and gently steam the creases – they should drop out very easily with little effort. You can do the same with your veil, tops and belts. Be sure not to touch the steamer to any of the fabrics.

A lovely option would be from Steamery, a great steamer that you will use time and time again!

Getting Ready – The Morning of the Wedding

Now you know your dress is all steamed and ready to put on enjoy your time being pampered! Why not wear one of our Silk Robes or PJ Sets to get ready in? A luxury way to start your day with your loved ones. This may seem obvious but have your hair and make-up done before putting on your dress, this will avoid any spillages and sitting creases whilst getting ready.

personalised bridal robe

Putting on your Dress

You will need some assistance to get into your dress. Depending on your dress design and fastenings we can help show your family and friends how to help you with buttons and corset ribbons during your fittings. Just let us know!

Pop on your wedding dress underwear and you will be good to go!

Make sure you and your helper have washed your hands thoroughly before getting into your dress. Most of our dresses allow you to step into them. Ask your helper to open the dress so you can step in with bare feet, gently pull the dress up into position. It is best to do this in front a mirror so you can ensure your dress is straight and the neckline is in the correct position.

Before doing your dress up at the back take a look in the mirror and make sure your neckline is straight and you are sitting in your dress correctly. Once this feels right ask your helper to do up the back. Whether you are being laced in or buttoned up make sure to leave plenty of time so you are not rushing.

Travelling to your venue

Most brides will travel to their venue in a car. Be careful when sitting down, if possible pull your dress as straight as possible over your lap to avoid any sitting creases from forming. Be mindful of your train when walking outside, hold this up whilst getting into the car and try to avoid it dragging on the floor. If you would like a wrist loop for ease our team can sew this in during your fitting for you.

Walking Down the Aisle

When you arrive at your venue you can ask your family and friends to assist with holding your train and making sure it is positioned beautifully before you walk into your ceremony. Your dress train (if you have one) will now be on the floor for most of the day, the best advise we can give is do not worry! Your train will get dirty on the underside but you can bustle it up for later in the day to avoid any serious stains.

We hope you found that helpful! We know it can be a little daunting taking care of your dress once it leaves the studio but if you follow these simple steps you will be absolutely fine and remember, our team are always here to answer any questions you have. Feel free to give us a call or drop us an e-mail.








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