6 Ideas To Make Your Wedding Catering Sustainable

Become a sustainable trendsetter with eco-friendly wedding catering. From good-for-the-planet doggie-bag favours to vegan wedding cakes – these tips will empower you to take a stand, save money and put the environment first without compromising quality.

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1. Courses with a cause

We all love a lavish three-course meal. But is it the most eco choice? A Sainsbury’s study reveals that 15% of wedding guests don’t eat all three courses. And 19% wouldn’t consider desserts. More shockingly, the average wedding wastes a tenth of their wedding food.  This adds up to a lot of waste! Avoid over-catering and offer two sumptuous courses instead. Your guests will be well-satiated whilst limiting any excess. 

Get your food waste collected

If you do have leftovers, see if there are local options for getting your wood waste recycled. Some providers will convert waste into energy to give back to the environment.

2. Serve sustainable beverages

Making merry with alcohol is often a big part of weddings, with an average of £558 spent on drinks. Explore eco wine options if you and your guests are wine lovers! We recommend Sustainable Wine Solutions to find your perfect bottle.

3. Cut down on cake

Wedding cakes are a work of beauty – until they’re abandoned in the bin. Chocoholics cover your ears – a whopping 15% of couples throw away uneaten cake, and studies show that 19% of guests don’t enjoy seconds. They’d much rather leave some room to show off their moves on the dancefloor. The average wedding cake costs £717, so don’t waste a big chunk of money by getting one that’s too big! Why not have your cake (or bakes) double up as dessert for your guests like our bride Megan did? 

Photo by Rosie Hardy/ Megan Gilbrides Wedding

4. Choose more favourable favours

Make wedding favours memorable by avoiding additional edible items. Studies show that 37% of guests admit to never eating them. Along with the cake, edible favours are part of the largest proportion of food wasted at weddings. One creative idea is to use doggie-bags or take-away boxes as your favours. This way, your guests will help reduce your waste by taking leftovers home! 

Photo by Rosie Hardy Megan Gilbrides Wedding

 5. Discover the value of vegan

Lower your carbon, water and ecological footprint by choosing vegan catering. Vegan diets are more popular than ever and you’ll find a wide range of scrumptious options. If you know any great chefs then you could try making one at home! We love Eluxe Magazine’s Vegan Wedding Cake Recipes.

Photo by Rosie Hardy Megan Gilbrides Wedding

 6. Opt for organic

If going vegan isn’t for you, another great sustainable choice is to go organic. Organic farming uses less energy and creates less pollution. Going organic also keeps toxic chemicals away from wildlife and protects their habitat. BBC Good Food has lots of useful info about organic farming and what certification to look for when you buy. Help fight climate change!

 7. Sustainability with every step

Now you’ve got some sustainable catering ideas, explore more ways of making your wedding more sustainable. Learn how to choose your dream sustainable wedding dresses and tips for picking a sustainable wedding venue. Make your wedding a green success without harming the environment!

Photo by Rosie Hardy /Megan Gilbrides Wedding



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