How to make your wedding more sustainable

When is comes to planning a wedding there are many things to consider, from your venue and outfits through to decor and catering. Sustainability within the wedding industry is a well discussed topic at the moment, with more and more couples making thoughtful and eco friendly decisions.

It may be difficult to curate a fully eco friendly wedding but there are some simple and fun alternatives that may just surprise you! Here’s our round up of some small changes you can make to your big day that will be kinder to the planet…

Your Bridal Outfit 

When it comes to your bridal outfit there are a few points to think about when it comes to sustainability…

Where is it made? Who makes it? What is it made from?

At AH all of our designs are made right here in the heart of London by our very own in house team. We only work with natural fabrics such as silks, tencel and organic cotton. For us, working with sustainable fabrics is so important, not only are these fabrics breathable, comfortable and soft to wear they are free from any man made, synthetic fibres which have a detrimental effect on our environment. Each of our brides dresses are made to order meaning we only produce what is needed, helping to reducing waste.

Why not think about re-wearing your outfit? At AH we offer an aftercare alterations service for every bride, the main purpose of this is to encourage our brides to find a new lease of life for their dress. We can alter your wedding dress to make it work for another occasion or multiple events!

Choose an outfit from a brand that is open and honest about their sustainable practices, you can read all about ours here 


When it comes to venues it is worth considering where the majority of your guests will be travelling from. Try to find a location that is close by or local, this will reduce the travel time for your guests thus reducing emissions! If this is not possible think about putting on transport for your guests to minimise the amount of trips taken to and from your venue.

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Food & Drink

Everyone loves a great meal and some good cocktails – these will taste even better if you opt for in season produce. Look to use caterers/farms and distilleries who use seasonal and local ingredients. Curate a menu based around what is in season in your location on your wedding day, this will mean your food can be sourced nearby and will help support local businesses and farmers.

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Flowers are a wonderful way to bring life into your wedding venue. It is helpful to talk to your florist in advance about which flowers will be in bloom at the time of your wedding. By choosing in season florals you can base your bouquet and decor around these. Locally grown flowers are the way to go. Another option is to use potted plants, these can add lots of greenery to a space and will continue to live on beyond your wedding day.


Choose a location that already has some beautiful features or use second hand/hire props to style up your venue. Think vintage glassware, cutlery and dinnerware all of which can be reused again for another wedding or event. Use natural and recycled materials for your napkins and table cloths. Ditch the plastic cups, straws and balloons! As pretty as they are sky lanterns are not an eco friendly choice, opt for soy wax candles to create ambience instead. Confetti is great fun and there are some amazing eco alternatives such as dried petals.


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There are so many wonderful illustrators and calligraphers that work with recycled or seed paper, the perfect option for a more sustainable wedding invitation or name card. Why not double up and use seed cards as your favour? Your guests can plant their cards and have a little reminder of your day when their flowers bloom.



Encourage your guests to be more sustainable by gifting items such as metal straws, bee wraps or organic soaps. Another great option is an edible favour, such as homemade jam or biscuits – these are sure to go down well without any wastage!

Accessories & Jewellery 

Ask your family and friends if they have accessories you can borrow or look to designers who hand-make their pieces from natural materials or utilise silk offcuts.

Gift List

Ask your guests to donate to a charity close to your heart or create a list of sustainable gifts you would love for your home that will help you to carry your sustainable efforts through to everyday life.


These are just some of the ways in which you can make your wedding day more sustainable, by making some informed and thoughtful decisions you can have a beautiful wedding day whilst also being kinder to the planet!

For every bride who purchases their dress at AH we will be planting a Tree, read all about our Tree Project here.



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