6 Sensational Ideas For Sustainable & Ethical Wedding Flowers

Stand out from the wasteful weddings with these top tips. We share how to source local blooms and use recyclable materials to curate some beautiful displays on your wedding day. With a few small changes, you can incorporate some eye-catching floral designs that protect the environment and still create the perfect ambience for your guests!

1. Prioritise plants

Show off your style and create sustainable bouquets using plants. With a wide variety of colours and shapes to choose from, you’re sure to find some that reflect your personality perfectly. You can even replant them in your garden as a special memory of your perfect day. Or, use plants as wedding favours and give your guests a gift to remember!

2. Focus on fabric

By choosing paper and fabric for your sustainable wedding flowers you can keep your ethical blooms for years to come. You can craft your own custom creations or find a myriad of choices online that look just as good as the real deal. Recycle rather than waste and utilise natural materials like organic hessian or cotton. 

3. Forget floral foam

Stand against plastic pollution and avoid non-recyclable floral foam. Instead, go natural and use pebbles or sand to support your flowers. You could also find a vintage flower frog online to reuse in your floral displays. Choose plants that work well in vases or pots and avoid adding to the microplastic problem!

4. Look local & select in-season

Reduce pollution by selecting locally sourced flora, or even pick your own wildflowers! Choose flowers that grow naturally during your wedding season to avoid wasting energy/water associated with sourcing out-of-season blooms. By opting for in-season blooms you’ll help to prevent the production of any nasty chemicals.

5. Dare to use dried

If you do want to use blooms that are out of season, stand out with the latest floral trend: dried flowers. Turn your plants into long-lasting keepsakes and reuse them as stunning decorations for future parties or events. You can contact sustainable companies like Parfum Flower Company to curate your dream floral displays.

Are fresh flowers your non-negotiable? You can still make ethical and sustainable choices by donating to organisations like Petals For Hope to give your flowers a second life.

6. Wrap with recycled ribbon

Finish off your sustainable flower displays with an elegant eco-friendly touch. Get creative with unique or vintage additions to your arrangements, such as brooches, buttons or features. You can even reuse any excess fabric as a bouquet ribbon when we tailor your made-to-measure wedding dress here at Andrea Hawkes.

Turning your wedding into a sustainable success with these 6 ideas for sustainable wedding flowers isn’t the only way you can help protect the environment! For more inspiration, browse our sustainable wedding planning guide to start crafting your perfectly ethical day now.



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