how much does a wedding dress cost?


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Let’s talk Money! When it comes to wedding dresses, pricing is always one of the first questions. It’s great to understand the price point of the dresses in the stores you would like to visit to ensure they align with your budget and to help understand the best services and options available to you. At […]

Let’s talk Money!

When it comes to wedding dresses, pricing is always one of the first questions. It’s great to understand the price point of the dresses in the stores you would like to visit to ensure they align with your budget and to help understand the best services and options available to you. At AH we are always open and honest about our pricing so if you have any questions we are always here to help. Below we have put together a pricing guide for all of our brides who wish to visit us for an appointment.

This is helpful to see which option may be right for you but remember our team will be here to guide you along the way.

Our Pricing Guide

Our Collection Pieces sit between £1850-£3,600 for a standard UK size. We also offer all of our brides an in house alterations service to fit your dress. These are priced individually and are based on the amount of work needed to fit your dress perfectly.

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All of our designs can also be fully made to measure for you. This means your dress is made specifically to your measurements and allows you to make design changes such as raising necklines, adding sleeves and adapting skirt shapes.

Our made to measure service starts from £650/£850 in addition to your dress price

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Our Bespoke Service starts from £5,000

Starting with your inspiration you will work directly with Andrea and our team to create, sketch and plan your unique design.

You will be able to look and through and select our fabrics and we will source any new fabrics required for your bridal or special gown.

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We always have an amazing selection of beautiful, well cared for samples at gentle prices. These are available to try in our London showroom by appointment on Thursday & Friday. Pricing sits between £600-£1500.

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How much do wedding dress alterations cost?

When preparing your budget for your wedding dress it is important to remember the alterations that will be needed for your dress. At AH we offer different levels of service to work with all brides and budgets. Our team will guide you during your appointment to make sure we tailor your experience to sit comfortably within your price point.

Option 1 : Standard Size + Alterations

All of our designs can be made to your nearest UK dress size, this is what we call Standard Size. We base this on your measurements to work out the closest size to you, we can make all of our dresses in any UK dress size. All standard size dresses will need some level of alteration as they are not made specifically to you.

This is a service we offer in house with our wonderful team! Once your dress is made we will book you in for fittings where we will perfect the fit and length with you. Alterations are an additional cost and generally sit between £340-£700

Option 2 : Made to Measure

Our other option at AH is Made to Measure. This means your dress is made to your specific body measurements as opposed to your nearest size. This is a really wonderful experience and will ensure your wedding dress is fitting to it’s absolute best.

This option is available on all of our designs and is the perfect choice if you wish to make adaptions or design changes. Part of this process may include a toile fitting, this is a cotton prototype of your dress that is made for you prior to making in your chosen fabric. This enables our team to check the fit and for you to assess the details before we move forwards. Made to measure sits between £650-£850

Any bride who opts for a bespoke dress will have a made to measure service, this will be priced accordingly with your design.

Why do Wedding Dresses Cost What They do?

The average wedding dress cost may sit higher than your normal clothing purchases and it can sometimes be difficult to understand why. When looking for your wedding dress/outfit it is important to find a designer or brand that aligns with your values.

We price our wedding dresses based on many factors…

Made in London: Our dresses are all made in London by our in house team. Employed by us and paid fair wages for their skills and roles. We do not outsource any element of our production.

Fabrics: We use only the best sustainable materials for our dresses. Natural silks, cottons and Tencel are used to ensure our brides feel amazing whilst also being kinder to the planet.

Expertise: When purchasing a dress at the AH showroom you are also starting a wonderful journey with an incredible team who have years and years of experience in the bridal industry. Everyone is paid fairly for their skills and the time involved at each stage of your dress process.

Initially you will meet with Andrea, Siobhan or Maryann who each have over 10 years experience working with brides, they are here to help you find your dream dress and will also be by your side throughout ensuring you have a smooth, relaxed and enjoyable dress process.

Once you have purchased your dress you will start to meet the rest of the AH production team. Laurie, our pattern cutter has a wealth of experience creating patterns, bespoke design and fitting brides – she will ensure your dress is exactly how you want it to be and make sure the fit is spectacular! Rebecca, Beata and Sophie are our makers who will bring your dress to life through their precise and meticulous sewing skills, you will get to meet the person who has made your dress, which we think is rather special!

How do you pay for a wedding dress? What are the options?

Once you have chosen your dress with your stylist we generally work to a 50% deposit on your dress. This initial deposit allows us to order your fabrics, schedule your fitting dates and guide you through the next steps of your process.

The remaining balance of your dress and any alterations will be due approximately 6-8 weeks before your wedding date, between your silk & final dress fitting.

We are always here to discuss alternative payment methods and are more than happy to work to different payment timelines. Our team will discuss the options with you when you are ready to purchase your dress.

It’s helpful for our brides to know that we accept different types of payments for your dress. Your dress can be paid for using BACS, Debit Card, Credit Card, Amex and Paypal. Once we know your preferred payment method our team will organise your invoice for you.

Real Bride: Megan Gilbride, Photo by Rosie Hardy

Why invest in a wedding dress?

A think a lot of brides ask themselves this question and there will be many, personal answers to this but for us it really comes down to both feeling the best version of yourself and also the experience you will have. Having a wedding dress made for you is like no other experience. You are investing in a beautiful dress that is made for you but you are also investing in a very special journey in the lead up to your wedding day. A once in a lifetime experience!

Repurposing your wedding dress

That experience can also continue after your wedding day! We offer a very special post wedding alteration service to encourage all of our brides to repurpose their dress after their special day. You have a dress that fits you like a glove, is made from beautiful fabric and has special memories attached to it – why would you not want to wear it again?

The same team who made your dress will be here to support you post wedding to adapt your dress to wear again. Our most popular alterations are removing the train, shortening the length or making your dress into a top and skirt! There are so many inventive ways to rework your dress – see some of our styling tips here if you’re struggling to visualise.

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