Can I postpone the delivery of my dress if my wedding has been postponed?


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Hello to all of our lovely brides! We hope you are well and are looking forwards to your special day. It’s been quite the year and we understand it has been a challenging time for our brides who have had to reschedule their wedding dates. We want to reassure you that we are here to […]

Hello to all of our lovely brides!

We hope you are well and are looking forwards to your special day. It’s been quite the year and we understand it has been a challenging time for our brides who have had to reschedule their wedding dates. We want to reassure you that we are here to support you through this time and make sure you have a stress free, personal and relaxed wedding dress experience with us. If you have had to postpone your wedding date please do let us know as soon as possible, this will ensure that our team can assist in the best way possible moving forwards.

At AH we offer a number of options for our dresses and each of our brides will be at different stages in their dress journey with us. For this reason we wanted to write this blog to help you understand how we will be working moving forwards for each option if you have (or may) postpone your wedding date.

For our Made to Measure or Bespoke Designs

For our made to measure and bespoke brides who have postponed their wedding date we will assess what stage of the dress making process we are at. Some of you may have started your fittings earlier in the year and others are yet to start. Once we have assessed what stage you are at we will then personally guide you with our best advice for your fitting dates.

We understand a lot of our brides would prefer to postpone their dress making to sit closer to their new wedding date which we are more than happy to arrange with you. One of our team members will call you to discuss this with you individually and book in your new dates with you. If you are part way through your process with our team we will continue on from your previous fitting just at a closer date to your wedding.

Another option is for you to continue your dress process with us straight away, we would then book in your fitting dates over the coming weeks and months to complete your dress. This is a great option for any of our brides who are yet to secure a new date or would like to have their dress ready should they want to move their wedding date forward. Your mind can be at ease knowing your dress is made and ready for your wedding day.

For our Standard Size Dresses

If you have ordered a standard size dress with us, we will firstly look at what stage your dress is at. If your dress has been made and your wedding is a little while away we will ask you to come in to collect your dress or we can arrange a courier so that you can safely store this at home. Your dress will be carefully packed in a breathable dress bag and we will advise you on how best to store your dress until it is ready to be worn.

If your dress has not yet been made we will discuss your new wedding date and your fitting plans to work out a schedule for your dress. You will be given a collection date for your dress or we will arrange fittings for you.

You may want to have your alterations in house with our team which we would be more than happy to arrange for you. You might like to start your alterations with our team straight away or you may want to wait until closer to your new wedding date, we can discuss your preference and arrange your dates. We will ensure you are happy with your timeframe and scheduling for your dress.

For our Sample Sale Dresses

If you have purchased a sample sale dress with us either in store or online, you will either be asked to collect your dress or we will courier this to you. Your dress will be safely packed in a breathable gown bag and can be stored until your postponed wedding date. You may like to have your dress dry cleaned which we do advise to do immediately after purchase, this is something we can organise for you prior to collection of your dress. We also offer an in house alterations service for our sample sale dresses during our quieter times, our team will be able to assist you with dates and discuss our availability.

Changing weight between now and your postponed wedding date

Some of you may have chosen and ordered your dress 1-2 years in advance due to wedding postponements so it is understandable that your body may have changed or you may plan to change shape between now and your wedding date. Many of our brides often ask about weight loss and how this will affect their wedding dress making process during this time so it is important for us to address this with you. The best way to accommodate any planned weight loss is to be open and upfront with our team as soon as possible. That way, a realistic schedule can be agreed upon so that we have enough time to adjust your dress to your new size, as well as giving you a schedule in which to work towards your weight loss goals.

As many of you know your dress is made in our London Studio by our talented in house team who are here to ensure your dress fits you perfectly for your special day. We do, however, have to be honest with our brides regarding timeframes as our team will also need time to work on your dress. By agreeing on a schedule that works for everyone, we can strike a practical balance between providing enough time for us to create and adjust your perfect dress, and giving you a realistic timescale in which to lose your desired amount of weight. Every bride will be working to different goals and circumstances meaning we are always here to work with you on a personal and individual basis. We have a great blog post about losing weight and buying a wedding dress, should you wish to read more of our advice and tips!

We are planning our fitting schedule in advance for 2021/2022 and will be calling you as soon as possible to re-arrange your fitting dates. 2021/2022 are going to be very exciting, busy years for weddings and we want to reassure you that your dress is in safe hands, it is also lovely for our brides to have their wedding dress process to look forward to!

Rescheduling your wedding date may mean you would like to re-visit your dress ideas or look at some styling additions to adapt your dress if you have moved to a different season. If you would like to look at any additional pieces to layer with your dress, such as capes, veils, tops or jackets our team would be more than happy to see you for an appointment once we re-open, don’t forget we also have our online accessories shopwhich is a fantastic option to purchase a styling additions!

Our team are calling our brides on an individual basis so please do bear with us. If you have let us know of your postponement we will be calling you soon to reschedule. Our team are here as always to help with any queries or concerns you may have so please do e-mail us at In the meantime, we will be looking forward to an exciting, celebratory year ahead with our brides!

Team AH